The Opportunities IoT Opens to Telecoms

Numerous sectors are yearning to implement the best IoT app solution in their business for achieving a high level of efficiency and ensuring safety at the workplace.Even telecom companies are eying for IoT solutions to create more effectiveness in their working procedures and also to generate more revenues.

Why telecom sector is so much obsessed with IoT app development? If one wants to know the answer then let’s check the given fact! A recent study illustrates that IoT has the capacity to generate hefty revenue worth $1.8 trillion in the pockets of mobile network operations. Due to obtaining it, telecom companies are using innovative ways to utilize IoT solutions for their benefit.

Furthermore, the intro of IoT in telecom is set to revolutionize the way of enabling communication between people via e-devices. So, the onus is on the telecom companies to implement new business models such as PaaS, SaaS, and others to make full utilization of the IoT. Using the given approach, telecom sectors can focus on opting for those apps that will be beneficial for their business.

Several Opportunities IoT Brings in Table for Telecoms

There are ample numbers of telecom services that can smartly utilize IoT application development facilities and notable of them include smart manufacturing, asset tracking, smart home, and many others. So, the responsibility is now on telecom companies to create a perfect environment where IoT services can assist in offering wide connections with customers via end-to-end services.

How telecom industries use IoT? They utilize it for delivering a wide range of products and services so to add more value to their current network. It happens through two IoT protocols called LTE-M and NB-IoT. They are renowned for offering low-cost and low-bandwidth connections to the customers.

Now, there are many benefits that IoT brings with them in improving services of the telecom sector. Some of them are as follows:

       I.          IoT brings Accuracy in Data Analytics

Telecom companies can take the services of IoT to get access to a large number of essential data. Besides, they can also take the help of IoT sensors to develop info pools appropriately. Afterward, they can utilize the given data to generate analytics and acquire some useful and needy business insights.

Furthermore, it will be extremely beneficial to the business leaders. How? It will help them understand the usage patterns of their clients. It is done by collaborating IoT with data analytics to create a predictive model. Thereafter, they can use this model and understand the future trends in the given industry and offer better predictions to enhance their success rate.

     II.          IoT Prepares Telecom with Easy Location Services

The world of today is dominated by smartphones. Such is its power that telecom service providers are vouching for them to create an environment for effective location services. Also, even public transportation services can seek help from them to install IoT sensors in various accommodation amenities.

Even more, these sensors can also come into action by installing them at the train stations and bus stops and they can transmit data to the customer’s smartphone apps. Then, people can use them to locate the public transport services in the real-time scenario.

Moreover, IoT-based location services can assist admin to locate people in congested areas by contacting the nearby telecom services. Thus, they can locate or find their missing dear ones in numerous crowded areas such as malls, tourist places, and many more.

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    III.          IoT Creates Telecom Services with Low-Power WAN

With IoT at the help, telecoms can create a robust machine-to-machine communication medium. Why? The reason is that in the traditional network system, technology needs high power and bandwidth to meet the communication requirements. To cope with it in a better way, telecom companies are focusing on using less power consuming and radio-based WAN (known as wide area networks).

When WAN combines with IoT devices, it creates wonders! Still can’t believe it, and then see its applications in numerous fields. One such is the use of IoT Sensors with low-power WAN that creates smart agriculture. Similarly, they can also be used in parking systems to make car parking more systematic and less hectic.

   IV.          Exploring Potential of IoT in Developing Secure Remote Infrastructure

Working from remote sites poses a great question to security. Why? It is because the protection of the expensive equipment can increase the cases of theft and damage. It can then prove to be an expensive procedure for telecom businesses.

So to protect their equipment and ensure their full-proof security, telecom organizations can take the help of IoT-based smart cameras. They are essential, especially in detecting the tempering of equipment on-site and simultaneously alerting the respective authorities in no time.

What’s more, telecom firms can use RFID badges that will protect the environment where equipment is placed from the attack by unauthorized personnel. Besides, they can also develop a geo-fence that will protect IoT-based devices from hacking by intruders.

At the End

Now, it is high time to incorporate IoT in the telecom sector to offer innovative solutions and gain a cutting edge in the industry where everything is mostly commoditized. IoT brings low-cost services that help telecom industries to communicate securely with clients.

So, before implementing IoT, telecom companies first create an efficient strategy to refurbish their infrastructure. Why so? It is essential to ensure that the internal systems of telecom equipment have great compatibility with the IoT system.

Thus, integrating IoT with the telecom ecosystem will help people to take advantage of new technologies like smart homes, LTE-V, and many more. In addition, telecom companies can also generate more revenues and enhance their business to grow tremendously.


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