WooCommerce Product Table Plugin Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Key Highlights At A Glance:

Plugin Name WooCommerce Product Table
Manufacturer Barn2 Media
Cost $75
Main functionHelps you to display WooCommerce products on appealing tables

In today’s fast and modern world, tech-savvy people don’t want complicated words, jargon, frills, or unnecessary descriptions when they search for products/services/information on the global Internet. They want things to be simple, precise, straightforward, and ‘glance friendly’ as far as possible.  If you operate an online store with WooCommerce and have several products, then it becomes necessary for you to list the products in a structured format and display them in a table. Unfortunately, WooCommerce doesn’t have a built-in list view shortcode. There are some shortcodes for listing products in a standard category-style display, but that doesn’t meet the specific needs of online merchants and entrepreneurs.

For such individuals, the WooCommerce Product Table is the best plugin. It allows you to display products easily in a table format. It helps visitors view those listed products easily, get all the necessary information, and make the purchasing decision instantly. This plugin is easy-to-use and responsive to all mobile devices.

Installation Process:

The installation process of this plugin is simple and straight. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to install it on your WooCommerce site:

  • Go to this web URL,
  • Pay $75 to the plugin developer and download it. A zip file called ‘’ is saved on your computer/laptop,
  • Sign-into your WordPress site and go to the admin area> Plugins > Add New. Now click on the upload button available at the top of the page,
  • Choose the zip file you have downloaded on your site and follow the instructions to install and activate the plugin,
  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings > Products -> ProductTable, insert the license key 6fefc0df618ea974b192610e3fe5d55e and save the changes you have made,
  • Now, paste the shortcode into any page or post- [product_table]. It will start displaying your products in an easily searchable table.
  • Just use the documentation to configure the shortcode in more advanced ways. It contains full information on how to display products from specific categories or tags, how to choose the columns to display, setting the sort order, the product image size, etc.

Key Features And Their Usability

Filter Widgets: Allows customers to filter the table by attribute, price, or rating.

Ajax Add to cart: Helps you to reduce the bounce rate of your website. It also helps customers to make purchasing decisions easily and quickly

Lazy load: If you have lots of products on your online store, just enable Ajax. It will load your products one page at a time, which reduces the load on your site’s server and improve its overall performance.

Fine-Grained control: Helps you to create products listing on the basis of their category, tag, ID, status, date, or author. You can also exclude categories or specific products as per your needs.

Add to cart buttons: The ultimate one-page WooCommerce order form allows shoppers to choose and add the products to the cart and complete the transaction easily and swiftly.

Our verdict:

In the E-commerce business, the generation of business opportunities depends on the fact that how easy your site is for shoppers. Just use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin, display products in a searchable table, and give a great boost to your E-commerce business.



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