Top 10 Most Popular CRM Software Tools in 2024

The success of businesses depends on how entrepreneurs maintain strong and healthy relationships with their potential customers. It doesn’t matter what you are offering as a businessman, building a strong customer base is essential for better growth & higher revenues. It is important to have a conversation session with the existing customers to give them what they need.

However companies with complex tasks and a huge customer base find difficulties in managing healthy relationships. This is where CRM software comes into play.

What is CRM Software?

It is also known as Customer Relationship Management Software which includes a variety of applications to let businesses build a strong relationship with their customers and boost their sales, conversions, and revenues. The software helps them interact via different channels such as phone calls, website visits, emails, or social media interactions to fill the gap as soon as possible.

It also allows you to categorize customers based on their buying preferences, expectations, and behavior. We bring you the world’s top 10 CRM software service providers In 2024 that will make you easier and more efficient.

Best CRM Software Tools in 2024

1. Salesforce

salesforce CRM

  • If you want to dominate the CRM landscape, then Salesforce is the right tool for you. It is a cloud-based CRM software that has generated $2.5 billion in sales in 2012.
  • From small-scale firms to large giants, all are enjoying its extensive features and customer relationship management benefits. Salesforce integrates some incredible services such as Chatter that make it easy for you to interact with your potential customers.
  • Plus, it is developed for all types and sizes of devices- be it iOS or Android mobile devices. These features make this tool ideal for assorted scales of businesses.

2.  CRM by SendPulse

SendPulse is a big name in the marketing automation solutions niche. Catering to email marketers as well as social media marketing experts, SendPulse finally launched a CRM to further improve the platform. 


With SendPulse CRM it’s easy to keep your customer base information in order and monitor the deals in progress. It also has a live notification feature that can help react to customers’ actions and facilitate the sale. 

The platform is taking big steps in the chatbot building field and released chatbot builders for the most popular social media platforms and messengers, including a chatbot builder for WhatsApp.

3. EngageBay


  • EngageBay is a one-stop solution for all your financial, marketing, and operational needs. The tool manages your leads, sales, relationships with customers, and marketing strategies to let you grow your dimensions across the nation.
  • From online lead capturing to marketing automation, tracking opportunities to managing pipelines, EngageBay manages everything with ease.

4. Odoo

  • Odoo Corporation has been providing award-winning business software and consulting services for more than two decades. The company’s flagship product, Odoo CRM is ideal for businesses that want to improve how they market, sell, and provide service to their customers. Most CRM solutions are either too basic with limited functionality and customizability or too expensive and hard to use. Odoo CRM fills this gap by delivering a solution with more functionality and customizability than is available from the myriad of basic low-cost cookie-cutter solutions but without the cost and complexity of enterprise-level products.
  • Odoo CRM is functionality-rich. In addition to the ability to capture, track and manage Accounts and Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and Activities, Odoo CRM offers functionality for Sales and Lead Management, Help Desk Ticketing with a Knowledgebase, FAQ, a Customer Portal, and a fully integrated Project Management application. The product can be easily customized by your system administrator and E-mail integration and Mobile are also part of the package.
  • The company’s onboarding team ensures that the product gets properly installed, people get properly trained and your company realizes a rapid return on investment.

5. Oracle Sales Cloud

  • Oracle Sales Cloud gives you an incredible way to maintain long-term relationships with your customers and accelerate your sales and revenue goals.
  • The tool is based on open standards that come with a simple and intuitive interface, sales-generating features, and Android and iOS apps. Though it is quite expensive, you can try it once to relish its advanced features and functions.

6. Veeva CRM

  • Veeva CRM is ideally designed for medical and pharmaceutical devices that come with a lot of regulatory needs and sales issues.
  • Being a cloud-based system, it can help you track all the information related to the sales and customer engagement data. The tool is known for rendering a meaningful customer experience whenever you interact with them.

7. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM software is best for those who want to do serious business. More and more businesses are integrating it to boost their sales and grow their market reach across the globe.
  • This online tool helps you track email for contacts, accounts, and opportunities for businesses. Plus, it works well on multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, etc to let you focus on your core business goals.

8. SugarCRM

  • Being an open-source and lightweight CRM platform, SugarCRM allows businesses to build impressive relationships with their customers. It is an ideal tool for both small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The tool helps you make faster and better decisions related to customer retention and interaction. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or customer service, Sugar helps you boost overall productivity to let you meet your bottom line as quickly as possible.

9. Insightly

  • If you are looking for simple, affordable yet robust CRM software, then Insightly is an ideal option for you. Whether it’s about accelerating sales, building relationships, or delivering projects, the tool helps you achieve your targeted goals on time.
  • The software integrates Google Apps, Google Drive, and Gmail to let you boast their extensive range of features for setting up lifelong relationships with customers. Plus, it also integrates with Outlook, Evernote, and MailChimp.

10. NetSuite CRM

  • Get real-time and 360-degree views of your existing customers using this new-age CRM software, which is known as NetSuite CRM. It offers a smooth flow of information across the entire lifecycle of the customer.
  • It offers upselling commission management and forecasting to let you achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently while maintaining long-term relationships with your clients.

10+. Nimble

  • Small businesses love this CRM tool because of its affordable features and high-end system capabilities. Nimble allows people to build a transparent relationship with their customers by interacting with them directly via phone call or email.
  • It ideally works as a social sales and marketing CRM solution. The tool uses proven strategies to let you focus on your customers, marketing, and sales aspects to grow your business across the globe.


These are the most trusted CRM platforms in 2024 that can help you fulfill your business goals, grow your customer base, and boost the sales of your business.


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