How to Schedule an Online Appointment Through Facebook?

How good you feel when you get your appointment booked online hassle-free at the peace of your mind? Obviously, it gives you an amazing feeling. Yes, now it has never been so difficult to schedule an appointment as everything goes online and you can get benefited from it effectively. Now the time has changed, waiting in the long queue for booking an appointment has eliminated totally. Now, with the advent of technology people can find, book, and get everything without even going outside with the best Appointment Scheduling software.

However, when it comes to schedule an online appointment through Facebook, many of us are finding it quite daunting to book an appointment and many find it too easy to get it done. If you are thinking about how someone can schedule an online appointment from Facebook, then let us explain to you that Facebook has introduced a new feature that enables individuals like you to schedule an online appointment through Facebook via your personal login details or via the Facebook page, if running a business. So, it can help both business owners or customers to manage, schedule, and re-schedule their appointments online through Facebook.

Easy steps to schedule an online appointment through Facebook are:


Scheduling online appointments through Facebook can give both customers as well as business owners an unforgettable experience. Well, if you running a business and want your customers, to book their appointment online through Facebook, then make sure you have a business Facebook page. If not then create. After then, log in to your Facebook account and load your Facebook page. On this page, you’ll see an option to “+ Add a Button.” Click on that button to see the different button options you can add. This integration works for your customers to make booking easy just by clicking on that.

online appointment through Facebook

On the other hand, if you are a customer and looking to get some particular services online and make an appointment online, then make sure you are using Facebook with your login credentials. Because if you don’t have a Facebook account, then you no longer able to schedule an appointment.


Once you are done with the first steps to add a button, next to promote your services or get more customers, you need to create “book now posts” on your timeline. It makes it easy for you to regularly promote your services and decreases friction for customers to start a new appointment. Try to launch your “promo posts” to your page followers for free, or supercharge your post visibility with a paid boost. Guaranteed you are going to achieve better results with a more online appointment rate.

Because when customers see your promo posts on their Facebook feeds, they will definitely click on it to know more. If they find something useful for them they will definitely book, buy, or avail of that service by booking their appointment through the Facebook Online Appointment Scheduling system.


After accepting an appointment from the customer end, you will need to check out that are you available on that day or timing to give them the requested services or not! Because if a number of customers book your services online at the same time or day, then it can create a mess for your staff to tackle them at the same time. So, to make it aligned, select the “Link to Website” option which will launch a popup where you can enter the URL to your calendar.  You can either link to the page on your website where your scheduling calendar is embedded, or you can put your scheduling activity link directly in this field.  It will launch a “new window” directly to your calendar showing followers to book appointments on that particular day or time.

Because when customers take your services as the time of their own comfort with the collaboration of you, then it gives them a better experience to get more in the future. Like, if I book online for a particular spa or salon service at a timing that convenient to my schedule, it will definitely help me recommend those services to others too, if I got what I expected.


Once you are done with the above 3 steps, next you need to set up all appointments. It will help you manage available appointments, have a complete analysis of high-priority appointments, and confirm the pending appointments. If you select “show your available appointments”, then set the days and time you want to regularly offer appointments on your calendar. After this, select your time zone. Here you can also adjust your preferences for things like appointment approval and advance bookings. It will help you and your customers get the most of Facebook as an Appointment Booking software.


If you’ve done with managing the procedure of all online appointments, then you must review your services. It will show all services you already have set up on your Facebook Page. If the service you are promoting with your online appointments.

ents are not there then you can select “Add a Service” to create new. Moreover, you can also select whether you’d like to send your customers appointment reminders or follow-up messages, and you are done. Appointment reminders will enable the customer to get ready to take your services at the time they’ve decided for themselves.

As a customer point of view, if a customer gets regular follow-up emails regarding the latest updates in your services or about online appointments then it can give rise to more sales and leads. Because if a customer gets a reminder about some discount/ offer/ coupons or regarding their online appointment 2 to 3 days prior to online appointment, then it can be helpful for them as well as for your business too. Because if they got something reasonable at an economical price then they will definitely tell many more that can generate more leads and sales.

Final Remarks:

With the invention in technology, the most trusted social media platform, Facebook has become the Best Online Appointment Scheduling software for online appointments. Whether you a running a business or an ordinary customer, now you can book, cancel, and manage your online appointments in a convenient and hassle-free way. So, don’t look out for the more effective ways to book an online appointment, the above-mentioned steps will help you effectively book an appointment as a customer or accept an appointment as a business owner.

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