Top 10 Innovative Resource Management Solutions

What do you mean by resource management? How it can impact your business operations?

In layman’s terms, resource management involves planning, scheduling, and allocating necessary resources for the smooth operation of your business. The main goal is to maximize the efficiency of resources and help you complete the targeted business objective, tasks, or projects.

Resources can be anything from human labour to machinery to day-to-day activities. In today’s technological era, you have plenty of options to manage your business resources. Now, you don’t need expensive tools because various resource management software is available on the internet.

Today, we are sharing fully-featured 10 best resource management software tools that can help you reach business goals with ease.

1. Saviom

Saviom RM Software

  • Saviom is the cloud best resource management software for all types of businesses. They build a great relationship with clients by incorporating advanced features into one platform.
  • They manage team works with different shift & time for better management.
  • Other features include Project Request Tracking, Project Planning, Project Tracking, Project Accounting, Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Time & Expense& many more.
  • They have a 360-degree real-time feature with a beautiful dashboard & custom analytics to manage your team as well as other resources.
  • Some of the prestigious clients, including LG, TESLA, HBO, ADOBE, KPMG, ROLEX & many more.

2. NetSuite OpenAir

  • Netsuite is very intelligent resources management software. It is one of the most useful tools designed for all sizes and types of businesses.
  • It has a super-easy interface that allows you to manage your projects, team, and other resources in a few clicks.
  • It is specially created for business growth as it features project management, project accounting, real-time results, complex time, expense tracking & many more.
  • Netsuite has the most advanced reporting tool,

3. GoodDay

  • Good Day is the best resources management software for start-ups, mid-size companies.
  • With this tool, you can manage your projects, expenses, team, and other important aspects with precision.
  • They have great features like Process Management, Events & Milestones, Time Management, Data Management, Management Views, Notifications, Reports & Analytics, Apps & Devices, User Interface& many more. You can spend more time boosting your company in a few clicks.
  • This software is free for 1-15 users, the second plan costs $4/month for 5-250 users.

4. Teamdeck

  • The company aims at offering the best resources management software solutions to their global clients. They have got expertise in creating a strong relationship with customers.
  • Team deck is best for Developers, Creatives, Company Owners, Sales Teams, Operations teams, Freelancers & Project Managers, they have unique features like Capacity Management, Reporting/Project Tracking, Utilization Reporting, Resource Scheduling & many more.
  • This software is free for 1-2 users, the second plan costs $11/month for 3-10 users.

5. Bitrix24

  • Bitrix24 is one of the leading resources management software companies.
  • This software is fast, secure & easy to manage. It is best for small businesses and comes with free desktop & mobile apps available for PC, Mac, IOS &Android.
  • Bitrix24 is the solution for by role, by industries, by the tool, by, need, by business size. They are very great features like Top Strategic Planning Software, Top Forms Automation Software, Top Sales Force Automation Software, Top CRM Software & many more.
  • This software is free for 1-12 users, the second plan costs $2990/month for 50-500 users& the last plan cost is $24,990/month for 1000 to unlimited.

6. ProWorkflow

  • Prowork flow is the number one resource management software. The company founded backed in 2002 in New Zealand with the sole aim to develop feature-rich online tools for the IT sector.
  • This is the best software to keep track of progress and people. adaptable &Customizableto to all of your business needs. They have great features like resource Management, Reporting, Quotes Manager, Dashboard, Mobile& many more.
  • This software is $20 per user & per month, the second plan costs $30/ user &month.

7. Robin Powered

  • Robin Powered is one of the most popular resources management software tools for small & mid businesses.
  • It is used to manage meetings, projects, and clients anytime, anywhere.
  • They have created Scheduling, Maps, Desks, Room Displays, Status Board, Analytics, Integration, Mobile & many more.
  • This software pricing is $1500/ year, the second plan is $3500/year.

8. Deltek Vision

  • Deltek Vision is the best resources management solution for professional services firms that combine project management, project accounting, client management, resource management in one product.
  • They have great features like resource Management, Accounting, Billing and Invoicing, Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial CRM& many more.
  • They support professional services firms like engineering, IT consulting, management, architecture&market research.

9. Sinnaps

  • Sinnaps is the best resources management software, founded back in 2015 in Spain. They have project management training in online courses exams & webinars. Classroom mode with exercises, tutorial videos makes it super popular these days during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The application can help you create Resources management, Capacity Management, Utilization Reporting, Skills Tracking, Collaboration, Discussion Boards, Project Management, Task ManagementProject Management, Project Planning & many more.
  • The software is ideal for small and medium companies that need to plan projects toprioritize& organize their work.

10. Exo Platform

  • Exo Platform is the leading resources management software.
  • This online invoicing software is best for digital accounting history. They founded in 2003 located in France.
  • They have very advanced features like resource Management, Collaboration, Content Management, Digital Workplace, Document Management& many more.
  • They manage the flow of business operations and activities through a workflow management system.


These are some of the best resource management software products that can manage your business and help you run various projects in a most effective and efficient manner. You can meet your targeted business goals and manage your human as well as other resources in a streamlined way. For more details, contact the company and hire the best resource management software for your company.

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