Time Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Noticing a gap in the market, troii GmbH developed one of the best time tracking software for small businesses – timr. This product has many features and benefits and helps small businesses track time for employees and projects.

Besides, timr is compatible with many platforms. Add all these components together, and timr is filling gaps in the market that add value to small businesses.

But what is time tracking software exactly? How can you benefit from timr? Stick with us to find the answers.

What Exactly Is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software helps employees track working hours, making record-keeping simple. Employees can download the timr app and populate the software with various data throughout the day. This activity highlights which tasks take up most of their time. It also creates other valuable data that can benefit employers, teams, and individuals in many ways, enabling better workday management.

Time Tracking Software Features

If you want a service that supports efficient management of resources, one of the best time-tracking software for small business is timr.

Here are some of the features of this app:

  • Digital timesheet
  • Calendar
  • Employee time clock with GPS
  • Attendance & PTO tracking
  • Automated reporting and exporting of reports
  • Available on every device
  • Complies with labor laws

This timesheet includes features like tracking tasks, movement, attendance, regular time, breaks, overtime, payroll, project management, and more.

Small business owners use timr to plan and track individual and team projects and use the data to enhance productivity and efficiency. Timr is a comprehensive tracking software tool with multiple features, including being available on all devices.

Time Tracking Software Benefits

Some of the benefits small business owners can expect when using timr are the following:

  • Employees can self-manage their productivity and work time, so micromanagement is unnecessary.
  • Individual and team management task flexibility is built in.
  • Better time management.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency.
  • It helps improve decision-making and planning.
  • Motivation to maintain and enhance increasing efficiencies.
  • Progress is visible and transparent, providing opportunities for improvements.
  • Offers prospects for behavioral changes and assigning talent to tasks at which they excel.
  • Payroll integration means faster, more accurate payment of employees and faster client billing.
  • Many other benefits.

Possibilities For Project Management

Timr holds exceptional project management potential for teams. They can use this software for many purposes, including developing task structures and tracking project timing. Teams can also use timr to assign tasks, plan and manage budgets, and set the billable status of projects.

Beyond these features, project teams can access detailed reports showing employee tasks, hours, and costs of all activities. They can benefit from timr warnings for employees, administrators, and budgets to keep their work on track and increase performance outputs.

From basic to advanced user permissions, timr ensures the entire project management hierarchy stays current with project performance from start to finish.

Timr time tracking is Mobile

As one of the best time-tracking software for small businesses – timr is available across devices. Staff members can use timr in the office by downloading and using it via the web. This app is also compatible with Android or IOS smartphones.

Employees out in the field or on the road can just as easily use timr to track their activities and time using the Offline Use and GPS Positioning features. There is a timr Time Kiosk feature on Android tablets for mobile teams to record data on the go.

Save Time and Money and Improve Productivity with Timr

Small businesses can use timr confidently to improve efficiency and save time and money. More than 2,000 companies currently use timr, one of the best time-tracking software options for small businesses.

It works effectively for individuals and project management teams, and it doesn’t matter whether they work indoors, on the road, or out in the field, timr is with them wherever they go.

If you want to improve your business performance – start your free 14-day timr trial today!

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