Top 10 Trustworthy Flutter App Development Companies in 2022

Flutter is one of the most promising UI toolkits of Google that helps you build responsive, visually appealing, and natively compiled apps for Android, iOS mobiles, and desktops (Mac, Windows, Linux, and Google Fuchsia) from a single codebase. The new versions of Flutter have been releasing because it is the best and cost-effective platform for creating all types of applications with ease.

The first version was known as Sky- which ran only on the Android operating system. It was introduced back in 2015. The Flutter 1.0 version was released in 2018 at the Flutter Live event. It was the stable version that came with more advanced functions and features.

Flutter has been creating a lot of hype in the web/ app development market across the world. Many businessmen are using this platform to develop their mobile and web applications. The booming demand for flutter apps has encouraged more and more web development companies to adopt this cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for the best flutter app development company in 2022 for your new project, consider these top 10 companies.

1. Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology

With years of experience in the industry, Bacancy Technology is one of the leading flutter app development companies offering high-quality service at the best price. The company has a team of fully-trained and proficient flutter developers who can develop custom-made mobile and web-based applications without any overheads.

You just need to give your ideas and the experts will convert it into user-friendly and reliable mobile apps for Android and iOS phones to meet the specific requirements of your business development project.

If you want the next flutter app for native interfaces, hire Bacancy Technology today.

2. Netguru


Netguru is a renowned digital product development service provider that has changed the way people listen to learn languages, music and rent bikes. They have a team of trained and reliable Flutter app developers who can build tailor-made software for all types and sizes of businesses.

The professionals at Netguru will help you deliver cross-platform Flutter apps so that you can achieve targeted goals in the competitive online world.

3. Miquido


Miquido has been service app development industry for more than 9 years. It is a Google-certified software house that has developed thousands of Flutter-based web and mobile-based applications for clients across the world. They built some of the best Flutter apps by working with highly-experienced Flutter developers from Google. Miquido specializes in delivering quality services – starting from the conception of the app to maintaining long-term solutions.

Professionals can transform our ideas into an innovative and robust application for web and mobile applications at the most reasonable price.

4. Yakka

Based in New York, Yakka was founded back in 2003 which specializes in creating user-interactive, responsive Flutter applications. The company has years of experience in developing mobile-based applications for renowned brands all around the world. They have got experience in iOS and Android development.

They also develop flutter apps to meet the growing needs of their clients across the globe. They are best known for strategic, high-quality, and robust services using high-end technologies.

5. Intelivita

Intelivita is the only one flutter app development that focuses on Android mobile apps, Google Flutter app development SDK & iOS by utilizing a single code structure.

They have great advantages & new features like Single Coding Based, Material Design and Cupertino, Faster Testing, Easy to Adopt, Faster Experience for Users & many more.

They adapt great technologies like Innovative and Custom Approach, Instant Support Team, A dedicated team of experts, Creative Solutions, Well-defined Process& many more.

6. Kody Technolab

Kody Techno lab is the world’s most talented flutter app development company, based in India. They are known for dynamic award-winning applications, best software development solutions with on-time delivery at a very reasonable price. They have the best advantages like Libraries and Detailed Documentation, Google Firebase Support, Simple and Fast Coding, Rich Widgets& many more.

7. GeekyAnts

Geekyantsis one of the leading flutter app development companies offering high-quality service at a reasonable price They founded in 2006. The company has offices in United Kingdom & London as well. They have overload features like Notifications Services, Analytics, Crash Reporting, CI / CD Deployment Tools, Testingmakes the creation of beautiful apps with creative UI’s fast and easy. the company has renowned clients with top corporate giants- small as well as big enterprises

8. Singsys

Founded in 2009, Singsys is an organization based in Singapore, A fast-growing company that offers IOS, android, mobile application solutions with WWDC trained iOS experts. They have professional work ethics, cutting-edge technologies, the hands-on experience that enabled us to work with some of the most renowned big companies in the world.

9. BrainMobi

Brainmobi is a development, design &consultation firm based in India ( Noida ) founded in 2015. They build a great flutter app development team along with gaming app development, mobile app development, progressive web solutions&web solutions. They have many benefits like Interloping abilities, Cross-Platform, Agility& many more.

10. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is one of the best flutter app development with skilled Dart programmers. They have Numerous Benefits like One codebase, Flexible UI, Access to Original Source Code, Faster Code Writing, Ideal for MVP& many more.


These are the 10 most reliable flutter app development companies across the world. You can make the right decision depending on your specific needs and estimated budget.

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