How Parents Can Protect Teen from Viber Evils?

The rain of instant messaging application over the years has immensely increased. Therefore, people started using the social messaging application for a number of purposes and reasons. They do calls online, text messages, chats conversations, VOIP calls and share media in the shape of photos and videos. Teens are not behind than the adults, I would say they are the trend setters that introduced the new technological creatures in the general public. Currently, the social messaging app Viber has got the popularity among the young generation no time ever before, so they are using the social networking app all day long. On the other hands, the parent’s community has become very insecure when they heard about the negativities of instant messengers.

Is Viber rouge for kids and teens?

The technology in the shape of smartphones and social messaging apps are not an evil thing but when a user uses it in a negative way, it may become lethal and harmful. Young kids and teens when spend most of their time on messengers for the sake of entertainment, to humiliate other, for fun, for making chat conversations all day longs. Then it would be definitely become terrible for the users, and they may get harmed by the wrong of usage of the instant messaging app. At the moment, Viber is the most dangerous app for young kids and teens. There are following a reason which makes it very dangerous for young kids and teens.

Reasons behind Viber is dangerous

  • Viber social app is open for a public and free of cost. That’s any one get access to Viber and makes contact with your kids and teens.
  • There are huge chances that your young child may encounter with cyber bullies and child abusers.
  • An unknown person may contact with your kids and teens via media files, text messages which also come with humiliation, sexual content and with abusive language.
  • A stranger may get their hands on your kids and teens contact number due to lack of privacy settings of Viber social networking app.
  • Once they got trapped online via Viber instant messenger, they may get blackmailed, pressurized in order to reveal the private and confidential information such as address, parent’s names, credit cards and phone numbers and place of work.
  • Your child may share or exchange semi-nude photos and videos by making an emotional online relationship with a stranger, that could be the potential liar.

How to monitor Viber?

Parents just need to put their all worries to rest and use Viber Monitoring app, It allows parents to keep an eye on their kid’s activities with sheer accuracy. The Viber spy app enables parents to keep their eye on their kid’s smartphones and online activities including Viber social app. Parents can view contact list and can view recently deleted or added contacts, they can track Viber chats and conversations through track Viber messenger spy app. They can read call logs IM logs through a dashboard.


Viber spy software is the ultimate and absolute monitoring tool which allows parents to provide kids and teens safe and sounds online environment.


Angela is digital parenting expert and blogs on TheOneSpy on social media privacies for children and teenagers to prevent them from cyber-crimes and cyberbullying. To know more about her follow her on Twitter.

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