Top 10+ IoT Solution Providers Companies in 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most advanced and promising technologies these days. It is popularly known as the interconnection of devices and gadgets that aim at collecting, transmitting, and storing data in a safe and secure network.

In today’s era, all types and sizes of businesses are leveraging IoT solutions to protect their credential data while transmitting from one device to another. The best part about this technology is that it embraces a range of devices from smartphones to iPhones, desktops to laptops, etc. Through the IoT, devices can easily exchange data in real-time in a matter of a few minutes.

If you want to outsource the most reliable IoT solutions, then this blog post is for you.

The List Of The Top 10 IoT Solution Providers Across The Globe:

1. Inoxoft


  • Inoxoft is one of the trusted IoT Software companies which take pride in building a strong reputation and great technologies across the world.
  • The Company provides the best IOT solution services at reasonable prices like Cloud Development, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, IT Consulting, etc.
  • The company has delivered the best IOT software products to various renowned clients including BOS Dimex, CHIRPI, Quickwy, Lumen, etc.

2. Hq Software Lab


  • Hq Software Lab company is high -class IOT software solution company, having around 18 years of experience.
  • The company has successfully established IOT, AR/VR, AI/ML centers and also created new technologies and tools like IoT solutions development, AR and VR application development, Custom software development, Software reengineering, etc.
  • They have some of the prestigious clients including BBC, Skoda, Sega, UNDP, Fastmatch, etc.

3. Biz4group


  • Biz4group is the most advanced company that specializes in providing the best IoT solution to all types of businesses. , It is one of the leading software IOT development companies.
  • The Company has delivered a successful project using iOS and Android technologies, Microsoft, Open Source technologies for the small- and large-scale business.
  • The Company has served its best quality IOT software services to some of the major clientele including Disney, AppWeigh, IFD, etc.

4. Iqdirect

  • Iqdirect is the next-generation IoT software Development Company, based in the US, since 2012.
  • They have highly trained and experts in electric design, electrical engineers, mobile development, product development, develop for Android, iOS, and desktop.
  • The company has some of the world-renowned such as Global Plasma Solutions, MyShoeSpot Inc, GoTags, Preservatech Inc, MyShoeSpot Inc, etc.

5. Mobiloitte

  • Mobiloitte is one of the best IOT software solution development company, having around had around 18 years of experience.
  • The Company delivered the best services at a reasonable price and make new technology for customers and they focus on the performance and security of your important data.
  • The company has delivered cutting-edge IOT software products to various renowned clients including Microsoft, KFC, Ricoh, PFC, All India Radio, etc.

6. Finoit

  • Finoit Company is known for providing the best quality of IoT solution services. The company founded back in 2010 in the USA and India.
  • Finoit is a top-rated company in IoT solution service providers.
  • The company has served the best IOT software products to various renowned clients including Delhi NCR Metro, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Loreal, etc.

7. Peerbits

  • Peerbits is an IT solution company, having highly skilled IT engineers & strong team trust of more than 100+ clients spread across diverse business verticals.
  • Peerbits is available in 7 countries including India, USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabiaand Colombia.
  • The Company provides the best IoT solutions to let you collect, transfer and store data without a hint of stress.
  • Peerbits has some of the prestigious clients including King Saud University, FiveOH, KuwaitUniversity, etc.

8. Grepixit

  • Grepixit is a new age in IoT, digital marketing, mobile applications, and website development market. They have founded back in 2012 in India.
  • Grepixit provides development & design services in the mobility space, Mobile App Development, MAC App Development, UI / UX, Cloud Services etc.
  • Grepixit has some prestigious clients including JSMedia Lda, teamjoe, Hoptrend, etc.

9. Citrusbits

  • Citrusbits company is a high -class IOT software solution company that commenced back in 2005 in the USA.
  • They have got expertise in creating the best relationship with customers. With Citrusbits, you can relish a lot of features like Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Mobile App Development, Full-Service Support, Digital Needs Beyond Mobile, etc.
  • The company has delivered the best IOT software products to various renowned clientsSotheby’s, IrisVision, Chemowave, Burger King, UCLA, etc.

10. Space-O Technologies

  • Space -o Technologies is a one-stop solution for all your software development, AR &VR app development, Internet of things (IoT), mobile app development needs.
  • Space -o technologies provide best IOT solution services at reasonable prices liketvOS app development, Bot Development, IoT Development,On-demand App Solutions, iPhone App Development, Android App Development etc.
  • They have delivered some of the valuable client’s such mobster, TheAppHoles, Ferrari, Nike, Ayolla Stanford HCI Group, etc.

11. Allerin Tech

  • Allerin Tech is one of the most trusted &innovative IOT Software companies.
  • They enable you to automate the old-age business processes.
  • The company has delivered the best IOT software products to various renowned clients including IT Business Edge, Whizsky, Smart Data Collective, Techco, etc.


These are the top 10 IoT service providers in 2022 that can change your life and bring safety, efficiency, and security to your business while transferring credential data from one place to another using different devices.

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