Web Development Tips – How to Become a Thriving Web Developer?

Becoming a successful web developer is not a piece of cake for everyone. For that, you need to understand the different aspects of web development and execute your plans the way you planned. Perfection and time-efficiency are the two things that you need to keep in mind while developing your site.

However, most of the developers lost somewhere in the middle of the loops and spent their entire day in just solving these issues. If you are a developer, then you must have trapped into the web development process while coding your site. Coding is undoubtedly one of the major concerns, especially for a new web developer.

But you don’t need to worry because we bring you some useful web development tips/tricks that will help you develop a site effectively and efficiently. Now, create a top-notch website without any stress. These tips will definitely polish your skills and helps you make a thriving web developer.

Top Web Development Tips:

1. Clear Floated Lists

Most of the developers find difficulties in fixing the floated lists elements. To clear the floating elements, they first need to set the appropriate height and then execute some complicated coding. It is quite a complex and time-consuming process.

If you want to avoid this, you can add just two CSS properties to any list container available within the floated list.

display:block; overflow:hidden;

After adding these two elements to your floated list, you can notice that the height gets adjusted automatically, without making any extra efforts.

2. Single Responsibility Function

This functionality relies on the principle that at any point of a time, a single object should embrace one function. In fact, when you are using CSS ensure that you use the same policy.

However, the entire idea of placing all styles to a single button can be an exciting process, but you should always split the structure and style to mention two different things. This makes debugging easy and also saves your time.

3. Code Comment

If you are working in a team, you should always realize that other may also easily debug your codes. In such situations, they need to understand its overall coding and structure. Well, you can also develop a code by achieving proper commenting at each and every step in your code.

4. Firebug Tip

FireFox is one the best web inspector especially when it comes to web development toolbars. These toolbars allow you test every testing environment when your site faces some small CSS problems during the web development process.

Well, Firebug is also an amazing web inspector that enables you to embed multi screen tabs to one browser tab. This means developers no longer have to adjust the width of your site during the testing process.

5. GitLab

Every web developer wants a power version for their each project they design. GitHub is popular among developers, but it is more like a private tool. If you want an improved version system, you must try GitLab. It is similar to GitHub system but it is open source and work smoothly with your own servers.

6. Security

It is essential for a web developer to check the security of your site before you go live. Therefore, you should run a security checks before transferring the site to the live server. This step solves all your security issues quickly and easily.

7. Make A Use Of JavaScript

Coding an object means you are getting ready to use jQuery. But you can explore more and think beyond jQuery. Instead of jQuery, you can use JavaScript to code your object. This is a more reliable and ingenious way of getting the things done.


These are the great web development tips that will help you become a successful web developer in the coming future. WP tips also allow you create a million dollar site without any hurdle or complicated issues.

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