Web Designing Trends to Watch in 2018

Having your application accessible across the world at the fingertips is an ordeal that seems very tempting. However, a mobile-based app or website should be very enticing so that it attracts the right kind of traffic. It must be something that should catch the eye in the first instance and just get your customers hooked on to it?That is when you need a proper web and mobile application development company to do the job for you. With thousands of business ideas floating around, it is unlikely possible for hundreds of them to fail either. Therefore, you need something that is foolproof and gets the ball rolling for you. Let us take a look at the top 10 emerging trends in terms of web designing that are all set to rule the roost in the upcoming year.

White Space and No More Minimalism

Negative space was a rage in 2017. No matter how tough designers find it to let go of that excess white space, clients despise that wastage. Therefore, to find that middle ground became a need that is supposed to be now taken care of. Make use of white space but use a minimal design to ensure that it is a mix of both. A compact feature with space and content that allows other elements to shine and breathe is a great way to go about it. Improvise the whitespace into something that catches the eye in a moment.

Engaging Photographic Content

Listicles have been a rage since their inception. GIFs have been a boon in disguise as well. However, market analysts and web designers vouch for the fact that there is nothing better than bright and bold minimalism. Enhance that saturation, go bold on the font front, and make use of enticing photography that is colorful instead of a dull whitewashed and almost blurred background. If ever there was a great time to take a risk in terms of going bold, it is now.

Interactive Content Is The King

An interactive website is bound to attract more traffic. Implement content that calls out for quizzes, polls, games and even an entertaining space that allows users to reinforce their connection with the brand.  Test through a trivia or just throw in a couple of puzzles that challenges the audience such that they take an interest.  The more engaging the content would be the longer users tend to stay on a website.

Split That Screen

Split screens are a trending design when it comes to optimizing screen space.  Introduce layering mechanism to the screen such that users find it easy to relate to it. Do split screens that not only provide a better experience across all forms of devices, but also allow the content to be stacked in an organized way.

Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG

Branding needs logo. Therefore, if you are looking for a boom in that digital marketing space, you need a visual communication that stays with the users even after they have navigated away from the page. Striking an impression is a key and you can do that with SVG. Be it a still image or a multimedia experience, a 3D image, 360 degree video, cinematography and other intense features contribute to making the website stand out.


Something as simple as an animation can introduce collywobbles. Animations can be optimized to create an interactive content that allows users to engage thoroughly without any qualms. Even if longer loading time is a constant threat to losing an audience, it can still be optimized to work at a desirable pace. Pick a single trick and maintain a coherent standard such that users have something to relate. A shorter lag time with the animation on the loop can also help users identify that the animation has reached the end of its playtime.

 Fluidic Designs Inspired by Nature

Gone are the days when web designers relied on sharper geometric shapes. Now it is the best time to move on from the shackles of contrasting polygons to smoother and softer edges. Add features such as a 3D shadow or an animation to make it stand out. Curve the edges instead of finishing it off abruptly. It is not only easy on the eyes but also gives a futuristic look to the entire page. You could also opt for brutalism that allows an intentional disruption of design in the minimal space. You could also add videos to make the content more generic and interactive. This helps in delivering the ideas better and in a shorter time.

Scroll Triggered Animations

Animations that encourage scrolling have managed to keep users on a particular page for a while now. Top it up with an interactive content and it gets only better. Triggered animations have been around for a while, but the way of implementing these old methods have enhanced the way users look at content. Move away from buttons, options, menu, and other old-school features. Instead, look for a minimal triggered animation that can guide your users through the pages.

Sticky Elements

The reading habit is widely left to right. However, most smartphones have navigation options located at the bottom. This space has been utilized by designers to place the sticky elements such that it catches the eye with ease. Induced modern functionality from experienced web and mobile app developers has only made it more convenient and easy as opposed to those on the top of the page.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing

Interactive voice options such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana are gradually making a niche in the web designing space as well. The year – 2018 is expected to see a shift from visual to an audible space. Natural language interaction, understanding the commands and doing activities through a self-taught algorithm is expected to see the light of the day in the later part of the upcoming technological boom. Even if the trend would be slow to catch up, it would still be a rage in the near future.

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