How to Use Social Media to Market your App

We are in the social media era. Around 3.8 billion people use social media to stay updated about fashion, styles, brands, family and friends, and news and events.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are changing their fundamental nature. From entertaining people, they are now a shopping hub. Last year, almost half of the internet users in the age group 18 to 29 purchased an item through social media, especially the one they saw on their friends’ feed.

All this attraction towards businesses is because of the right social media marketing practices. However, social media is like a wild forest, and to spread the fire, you need a good strategy.

Dig in to know how you can strategize social media campaigns for marketing your Magento 2 mobile app.

  1. Create an Ocean of Content 

We are the island that is surrounded by an ocean of information on all sides. Everywhere we see, we consume content in the form of facts, how-to guides, exciting stories, quotes, ways to live, and whatnot.

People on social media want good content that educates, entertains, and engages them. Thus, when you are jumping into social media with your Magento 2 native app, the first thing is to create good content that drives the audience towards your app. A short how-to story, tips, and tricks, and solution guide directed towards your Magento 2 Android mobile app is the ultimate answer that can work wonders.

For example, you have a clothing app. You can share your products on social media platforms. But to engage the customers, you need to share some content, retro-style looks, blogs on the latest trends, short videos or Reels on different ways of wearing a particular product, a checklist for a complete date attire, or so.

Lastly, all the content you create for promoting your Magento 2 mobile app should be customer-centric. Please make sure it is endearing and engaging.

  1. Drive on the Luxurious Ride with Paid Ads 

Do you know that social ads account for 49% of mobile app downloads? If you are sure to pay a few more bucks, social ads can be your friends too. As Facebook and other platforms have started integrating their marketplaces, getting a high organic reach is difficult. In such a case, where your Magento 2 native app can get lost in the social media area, paid ads like Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, promoted Tweets will help you maximize your app visibility.

If you are not sure about paid ads, let me share my experience.

A day ago, I discussed Aura Analyzer equipment with my friend, and guess what, a promoted Aura Analyzer ad showed up on my Instagram feed this morning. The next moment I was on that website!

Aura Analyzer

Similarly, your Magento 2 Android mobile app too would witness more downloads and traffic.

However, remember, paid ads can be tricky. If you don’t strategize it well, it can target the wrong audience, leaving you disappointed. Therefore, narrow your audience, provide a CTA, keep the content short and crisp, and test the ad before going live. Once the ad is live, regularly monitor the analytics, and as the success rate goes higher, double the spending.

  1. Dabble with Influencer Marketing 

With around 3.04 million apps on the PlayStore and thousands of apps serving the same purpose, why would someone download your Magento 2 mobile app?

Yes, you might provide them with a relevant solution or quality products, but how can they be sure of it?

If you say that you’re providing quality, they may not trust it, but customers would definitely listen to micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have tons of followers on social media platforms. The followers look to them as authentic people and trust the products they recommend.

So, get in discussion with them and decide on your Magento 2 native app promotion technique. You can go for a sponsored ad with an influencer or ask them to share videos. You can get them through the app and ask them to share their reviews on their space. It can also be how the app benefits them. Looking at how influencers are helped, the fans too will give it a try.

Yes, don’t try to be a director in the influencer-marketing scene. Influencers know their audience well, and they very well know how to approach them. Let them write and direct the marketing act.

  1. Answer what Quora asks 

Quora looks like a detailed version of Google. While on Google, we need to browse through pages, Quora gives multiple answers to one question in one place. It’s the best platform to build awareness of your app. How does that work?

Say you find a relevant question for your niche (Consider, you sell quality products for dogs and cats). Probably like the one, “What is the best kind of dog food?” Being the expert in your field, you provide an in-depth, valuable answer and where they can purchase it (of course, on your Magento 2 Android Mobile app).

As long as your answer provides a solution, you mention your product or app, which will create a positive impact. The value you put would build trust and enhance your Magento 2 native app visibility.

  1. Build Relations with User-Generated Content 

You know the importance of review, feedback, recommendation. Why not use it to promote your Magento 2 mobile app?

Social media is where users share their honest reviews and brag about their newly purchased stuff. So along with influencers who market your Magento 2 native app on their social handles, allow and encourage your customers to market your app.

What do you need to do?

When a customer shares a review or tells how beneficial your Magento 2 Android mobile app is, share that content on your social media page. The moment you start sharing your customers’ content, more customers get encouraged to share a better review or post a video or so. This is the most relaxed way to promote your app. Start by creating a contest or using campaign hashtags inviting customers to engage.

Here’s an example of the Wayfair UGC campaign with its #WayfairPetSquad

User-generated content is the best way of promoting your app by customers themselves. But you need to be cautious about your goal. Whether you want the content to promote your Magento 2 mobile app, increase conversion rate, or maybe something else.

If you ain’t sure, it will confuse your customers. So plan it to hack it.

  1. Run Contests and Give out Gifts 

Giving out free goodies or welcome offers on trying out your app is an excellent idea to promote your app.

free goodies

“Tag your three friends and get free products” or “Share this app link and avail 50% discount” these kinds of contests and offers would give a boost to your audience. Try to run some caption contests on Facebook and Instagram.

That’s all about marketing your Magento 2 native app on social media. Below I’ve listed a few inside tips to boost traffic on your mobile app.

Insider Tips for your Magento 2 Mobile App

  • Always start with basics. First, understand what your goals are. For example, how much traffic you want to generate via social media, visitors’ ratio to conversions, and the number of app downloads, etc.
  • Understand your customers’ content needs. What kind of content is appealing? Whether visuals would attract more customers, a quality post, or engaging questions/contest, eventually, generate different content for different social media platforms.
  • Share ideas and information. Build trust among customers before focusing on the “install app.”
  • Last but not least, interact with customers. Join different groups and engage in discussions, comment on user-generated content, host live chats, and more.
  • Optimize your Magento 2 native app for social media. Integrate Magento Social and other third-party extensions.

Wrapping Up

Social media is a customer’s virtual home. It is a place where they live, shop, eats, and party.

Thus, it is wise to promote your Magento 2 Android mobile app on social media. With the tips and tactics mentioned above, you can get the best customer engagement and business profits.

Author Bio:  

Maulik Shah is the founder of AppJetty, a fast-growing app and extension store for various technologies like Magento 2 native app. He writes about multiple aspects of eCommerce technology and is enthusiastic about making online business management easy

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