Top 10 Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solution Providers

In today’s digital landscape, it becomes essential to take some extra precautions to get your data breached by suspicious elements. Being an owner of an IT-based firm, you can take the risk of damages related to lost data, reputation tarnishing, and service disruption.

To solve this sort of issue, more and more organizations are leveraging Web Application Firewall software to protect their business apps and websites from cyber attacks. WAFs work amazingly by detecting and blocking the suspicious threats that legitimate website traffic to get into the traditional defenses.

With the use of a reliable WAF, you can block the following cyber threats:

  • SQL injection
  • Remote file inclusion
  • Cross-site scripting, etc

These can drastically damage the security of your web apps, and websites and also ruin your web presence among your target web customers. The best part about WAFs is that they are also available as cloud-based services which are integrated with a CDN (Content Distribution Network), virtual appliances, or even as a dedicated module within Application Delivery Controllers.

With all those capabilities, it becomes difficult to choose the best security product in terms of WAF depending upon the company’s business capabilities, requirements, and of course budget.

To help you make the right decision with ease, we bring you the list of the 10 most trusted Web Application Firewalls providers that will protect your apps, websites, and other data from hackers.

1. Citrix


The Citrix is a top-notch provider of appliance-based WAF, known as Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall that secures the apps and data, without ever affecting its performance and user experience.

The software is deployed in front of your web server that monitors all outgoing and incoming traffic such as SSL-encrypted. It can protect your app or site against unpublished exploits.

You can even detect the known vulnerabilities and threats that can give a protection shield to your credential data and other information.

2. Trustwave


Trustwave is a reliable company that provides a physical or virtual on-premise WAF appliance to let you protect your web apps and website in both in-line and out-of-line modes.

With the use of cutting-edge technologies, it can detect multiple vulnerabilities and threats in a matter of a few minutes. It allows businesses to monitor, detect and prevent known threats and data risks.

It can even identify the PCI compliance requirements to protect your data from vulnerable activities.

3. CloudFare

CloudFare is a well-recognized firm based in the US that provides high-end security services and products including CDN, WAF appliance, Internet Security services, and distributed domain name server services to the needed enterprises.

The company is known for its PCI-certified cloud-based WAF that not only inspects application traffic but also addresses malicious activities and blocks them based on the pre-defined action rule.

The tool is great for detecting and preventing threats like bot crawling, DDoS attacks, SQL injection, and comment spam. If you want to enhance the security of your website, then this is the perfect tool for you.

4. Verizon Digital Media Services


Verizon Digital Media Services leverages the modern-age technology to deliver and deploy security productions that can give you secure-free solutions for your websites and web apps.

They offer the best quality of web application firewall that can make it easy for you to protect your site and app from various vulnerable security attacks such as SQL injection, DDoS attacks, and a lot more.

5. Radware

Radware has a talented team of developers that has brought diverse experience in the form of their WAF appliance. The appliance has all the security-based qualities that can improve the productivity, profitability, and security of your site. It also reduces the operating cost and allows businesses to focus on their targeted business goals.

The tool gives 100% protection against injections, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting and other threats to let you store your data in a safe and secure server environment.

6. Incapsula

Incapsula is a branded name in the IT sector that secures your websites from various malicious activities and security threats. The firm has developed a cloud-based application delivery network delivery platform and WAF that allows you to protect your site from DDoS protection, SQL injection, etc.

It not only encounters cyber attacks but also achieves compliance and administers security policy. It boosts the performance and security of your website and helps you reduce integration issues and reduce the entire operational costs.

7. Barracuda Networks

Barracuda Networks offers cutting-edge security solutions to all scales and sizes of IT companies. The firm offers a cost-effective and productive WAF to give high-end services to the customers who came to visit your website.

The tool protects your web business against data loss, breaches, and defacements using industry-leading technologies. If you want an affordable and quality WAF appliance, then Barracuda Networks is an ideal solution for you.

8. Sucuri

The Sucuri is a versatile platform that offers a complete set of tools that will take the security of your site to the next level. Its Website Firewall is a leading cloud-based WAF that can help you protect your e-Commerce sites and single websites from hackers, malicious codes, and other threatening activities with ease.

It detects and filters your server environment by letting you know available injections and DDoS attacks. The tool simply protects your site from vulnerabilities, blacklisting by search engines, and hacking activities.

9. F5

Nothing can be better than F5’s web application firewall appliance. The company has great experience in delivering the best security products and services to the IT sector that can help them give a protected environment to the customers who visit the websites in real-time.

10. SiteLock

SiteLock creates comprehensive and reliable security solutions for websites and apps that can avoid multiple data breaches and other damageable security threats. The firm offers a compatible WAF that can detect known cyber threats from your site and remove them for a better customer experience.


These are the 10 most reliable WAF solutions for your website’s security. You can use any one of them to strengthen the security of your web business.

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