Latest Innovative Trends in Web Designing for Use in 2019

New web design trends for 2019 have shown up. These are the latest innovative trends in web designing. Many web designers and developers find immense benefit from these productive technological advancements.

Let us look into the several communicable web design trend in 2019 that is creating a great impact in attracting customers.

Latest Innovative Trends in Web Designing

1. Broken Grid and Asymmetrical Layouts

In design terms, the concept of the grid is an imaginary plane with horizontal and vertical lines, used to help layout elements on the page or screen. Furthermore, with a broken grid you have items pushed around on the plane in a way that makes the grid feel less rigid, or broken.

This type of design is used as a technique to stand unique, to draw attraction or otherwise experiment with design.

As a designer-developer, you will move towards using broken grid and asymmetrical layouts in web pages instead of rigid grid forms that have been dominating for the past several years.

2. Fluid/Organic Design and Elements, providing a human touch

Fluid Organic Design and Elements

Website design is slowly moving away from straight lines that came with flat design. Instead, experiment towards more fluid shapes and lines are triggering consumer action.

This type of design element isn’t the typical circle, square, rectangle or any straight-sided shape. Instead, you have elements drawn from nature and life. For example, shapes of ponds and lakes, torn pieces of paper, etc.

Such designs that are organic shapes and lines will create a better user experience, more approachable and in line with human nature.

Thus 2019 will witness a design away from circles or squares and to one with more organic shapes and lines.

3. Nostalgic/Throwback/Retro Design

This is another important aspect in the latest innovative trends in web designing. This is simply, “Old is New.” Here you bring back old design elements with a hint of nostalgia.

Retro design styles can create a good juxtaposition between the old and new design. One key factor of this website design being more popular among the new age generation is that they reflect time periods before websites were easily accessible to the masses; thus making it feel “new” to many people.

Web design in 2019 will benefit more if you include color schemes that reflect design trends of the past and typography that makes one think back to a different time.

4. Monochromatic and Absence of Colour, Exclusive Among the Latest Innovative Trends in Web Designing

This type of design can remain more vivid in the minds of consumers. Having more colors can possibly give a vibrant-looking website. But try designing a website that has less colour or no colour at all. Believe me, it will linger in the minds of the consumers for a long time.

Furthermore, concentrating on just one basic colour can help solidify your branding. Going one step forward in eliminating colour altogether. This trend has already emerged in many new websites today.

5. Calls to Actions (CTA) Buttons

Undoubtedly, calls to action buttons will trigger people’s action to a message or offer listed on the website. Therefore, CTAs are important among the latest innovative trends in web designing.

CTAs like “call now”, “visit us now” and “get to know us better” are useful for digital marketers aiming for leads and conversion rates.

6. Responsive Technique

Responsive website design is a major demand in the mobile web world. It involves creating pages that can be easily accessed on any platform by mobile users irrespective of the device size.

In order for elements to load well over any of the digital platforms, responsiveness plays a supreme role. This all-pervading attribute offers an easy opportunity for developers to optimize images for large as well as small screens.

7. Mobile-First, a de facto element among the latest innovative trends in web designing

As you know, Google rolled-out mobile-first indexing in 2018. This is based on prioritizing content and links from mobile website pages. Therefore, in 2019 web designers will give more priority to the mobile version of websites.

As mobile user base increases, good visual effects and search experience are also factors that need to be prioritized in website design.

8. Typography, an essential factor among the latest innovative trends in web designing

As you know, content is king. The kind of typography that you choose for the representation of your brand leaves a great impact among your potential customers.

9. More White Space causes less strain to the eyes of the users

More white space gives rest to the eyes. Moreover, adding extra white space helps one to move to a focal point or a more noticeable part of the design aesthetic. Furthermore, more white space helps your customers to easily note the message that you want to convey on the website.

10. 3D Design, adding more life to your web page

3D Design

Many companies are working towards developing 3D rendering tools and technologies like VR and AR. Therefore it has become mandatory for designers to create interactive 3D models and designs that look attractive and seem alive.

11. Custom Graphic Design and Illustrations

These are other key factors among the latest innovative trends in web design. Web templates are more customizable than before. For example, businesses like Basecamp have unique custom illustrations to define their brand.

Significantly, illustrations offer space for creativity. For instance, each artist’s style is a unique statement. Matching that respective style with your brand personality and illustrating the right concepts will create a strong impression on your website.

Moreover, hand-drawn style illustrations can also make a great impact in making your website look unique.

12. Integrated Video, an essential feature among the latest innovative trends in web designing

Hope you would have watched a random video on the internet just because it started auto-playing. Videos capture more of your user’s attention. Moreover, videos can also boost your SEO ratings.

You have to bear in mind that Google monitors the amount of time people spend on your website. More time spent increases your ranking. Correspondingly, videos increase the staying time of your consumers.

Today designers incorporate curated short videos or animations as integrated design elements. Concurrently, these videos add a surprise, delight and engage viewers. On the other hand, your business also gets a higher SEO result.


Ultimately, your web page should deliver the message of your brand in a more interactive and lead-generating way. Furthermore, there are many design tools that can help you come up with a good online web page and product design.

Your design should convince and impact the emotions of the consumers and result in more clicks. Incorporate the above-mentioned web design trends for your business to get generate more leads.

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