3 Insightly alternatives Comparison with Other Competitors

Insightly offers free online customer service management software for small businesses. It offers lead and contact management, integrated project management, social CRM, business overview and reporting, mobile apps, integrations, calendar and events, automatic address book motion, etc. The software is provided by Insightly Inc., a company founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, California. Targeted specifically at small businesses, Insightly CRM comes in five different plans ranging from their free two-user service to their full enterprise service. As a result, Insightly CRM is positioned to provide the correct level of service to businesses at different levels and stages of growth, with the potential for low-cost early adoption, which can be enhanced. level as business and needs grow.

Higher price planning has various additional features such as email schedules and advanced permissions, but all packages are military-grade that can protect your data for both customers and businesses. Includes all third-party integration and management processes from encryption and lead to post-sales.

Insightly CRM is completely web-based with iOS and Android optimizations and a mobile app accessible at all user levels.

Insightly CRM is a great CRM software solution, but if it doesn’t fit your organization’s needs, we’ve listed some of the best Insightly alternatives available below. Fortunately, there are many feature-rich CRM software platforms that can meet your needs. Take a look at some of the Insightly alternatives below to see if we can help you find a better CRM solution than Insightly CRM.

3 Insightly alternatives For A Better CRM Solution



EngageBay is a modular and affordable all-in-one marketing, CRM, sales and support software. For small and growing companies to automate their day-to-day passive marketing tasks, configure contacts, track trading and sales pipelines, and use a single platform to provide customer support. The purpose is to help you have the tools you need. Teams and companies can simplify processes, build customer relationships, and increase sales without the complexity and cost of using multiple applications. The following point will explain how it works as an ideal Insightly alternative.


If you choose EngageBay these are a few of its pricing plans:

Free: $ 0 per month: This plan supports up to 1,000 contacts and 1,000 branded emails. You can also access basic email and streaming marketing features, autoresponders, lead capture, sequences, and landing pages. There’s a help desk for support, live chat, and even a built-in CRM.

Basic: $ 8.99 per month per user: It includes all the features of Free, but up to 15,000 contacts and 10,000 branded emails. You will also be able to unlock additional features like social suites for social media marketing, SMS marketing, website pop-ups, third-party integrations, and more.


  • Use the reports module to create sales reports and analyzes, customize the reports, and analyze the data in a meaningful way.
  • You can also generate a report for participation to identify what marketing content is popular. The entire
  •  The platform is cloud-based and has a very low learning curve for users and requires no technical assistance.
  •  EngageBay gives up to 10 users completely free access to the integrated platform.


  • There are not many pre-designed templates available.
  • The cost of the professional plan ($800 per month) is out of the reach for most businesses.

2.Less annoying CRM:


Less Annoying CRM provides basic CRM solutions, including contact tracking and lead and pipeline management. Users can add custom data fields required by their business. A less cumbersome CRM focuses on creating the tools most needed by the enterprise without the complexity of additional features.


Less Annoying CRM is priced at $15 per user per month, with no contracts or restrictions. There is only one level of service, but users can extend the less compelling CRM functionality through some integration options (such as Mailchimp, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar). For all users, even those with a 30-day free trial, Less Annoying CRM provides free email and phone support in addition to the help center. Pricing makes it a good Insightly alternative.


  • To abstain from going to and fro between various applications, Less Annoying allows you to have your schedule and assignments fabricated straightforwardly into the CRM.
  • You can make distinctive custom fields for your contacts. This gives you complete power over your record and is not difficult to set up.
  • You can rapidly get your contacts into the CRM. You need to send them to a spreadsheet and transfer it to the CRM’s worker.


  • There is no integration with social media.
  • There is no automated marketing integration.
  • There is no read generation function.


Nutshell is a great CRM for your sales team to reach their goals, stay motivated and productive. Specially designed for small industries for ease of use and convenience. Available in Google GSuite and Microsoft Office / Outlook. It is quite popular for small businesses. Simply put, find your company’s central repository for your customers. Save all contact details, call notes and email conversations in one place for quick access to all members of your team. Helps design and execute sales processes to reduce wasted time, understand what sales reps should do, and improve CRM ROI. Responsible for overseeing the sales process from initial certification to final negotiation and accurately assessing the impact of your efforts. Helps design and execute sales processes to reduce wasted time, understand what sales reps should do, and improve CRM ROI. Responsible for overseeing the sales process from initial certification to final negotiation and accurately assessing the impact of your efforts.


Beginners – $19/user/month or $35/user (monthly)

Team Collaboration Features

  •  Single Sales Channel Pipeline
  •  Sales Activity and Results Dashboard
  •  Newspapers Standard Sales Pipeline Reporting
  •  Professional Users $35/month (annual) or $39/user (monthly)
  •  Automated CRM Bundling and Upselling
  •  Multiple Sales Channel Systems
  •  Reports advanced


  • Seamless native integration with email and calendar in GSuite and Microsoft Office.
  • Track daily tracking information and record a complete history with your contacts. These Pros make it a good enough Insightly alternative.


  • Limited multilingual options.
  • Switching between sections takes time.

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