Choosing The Best IT Technical Support For Your Business

As a business owner, you always find challenges in choosing the best IT technical support that can fulfill your business requirements in the best possible way. Selecting the most reliable and consistent IT support requires precise knowledge of the different IT requirements within your business. Also, make sure that you wisely opt for the solution that can increase the efficiency of your company with ease.

Implementing the IT technical support includes multiple things such as hiring internal staff with initial certifications to control and manage servers, desktops, laptops, workstations, printers, operating systems software, smartphone, antivirus and a lot more.

In fact, there are companies that have contracted with a local firm to offer on-demand on-site break/fix support. While the third option is to align with a national remote technical center with certifications to support each and every device or application remotely on the Internet and fix the issues. Most of the national technical centers incorporate pro-active monitoring as a value-add.

So, if you want to choose the best IT technical service provider, then you need to consider the following tips:

1. Cost

IT Technical Support Employee

Once computing an employee’s fully burdened labor cost and then split it by the number of hours that employee works on a project, you will come to know that works cost the company from 50 to 150 percent, or above/beyond their gross hourly labor rate. You can calculate the burden rate by fixing the costs of the following:

  • Paid time off
  • Compensation insurance of employees
  • Training
  • Workspace costs
  • Health insurance
  • Uniforms or special work clothes
  • Use of equipments and vehicles

Local IT Service Provider

You can hire the Local IT service providers for $50-100$/per hour. In fact, some providers will sell blocks of support hours at the most convenient prices. The local service provider will offer IT support service under the initial agreed upon hourly rate.

National Remote Technical Center

They provide IT support services under a cost per device basis. They usually charge $ 50-$70 per month for a PC, laptop, and workstation.  These charges include 24*7 hour monitoring, along with basic subscription charge.

2. Experience and Training

Choosing a reliable, experienced and professional IT technicians can help you achieve the targeted business goals at the most convenient price. Therefore, it is necessary for an IT service providers to hire the certified technician who has completed their course and are ready to work in this challenging environment.

However, the challenge for technical schools is to search instruction with in-depth training on the latest software and hardware technology.

Although, the local service provider finds difficulties in rendering service unless the company is big enough to have training support from software and hardware manufacturers. But the National technical assistant centers have the potential to manage and maintain continuous education and can provide practical training on the latest technologies.

3. Added Value from the End User’s Viewpoint

Rate of Response After Making Initial Call

Usually, internal technicians support to end users and for that, they need to schedule a time to review and rectify the errors or failures. In fact, end users could also have a long interval of “down” time  because the local support company creates a support ticket, dispatches and also analyze and fix the issue.

A national firm offering remote technical access is easily available on the first call from end users based on the availability of a higher number of technicians.

24*7 Hours Support

The national remote access service renders a fully staffed 24*7 operation at the basic rate plan. When it comes to the typical internal employee support, you will get technical assistance for normal business hours. On the other side, the local independent service provider tends to offer technical assistance only for basic business hours.


Picking out the most reliable IT technical support for a business is one of the most challenging tasks. For maintaining the efficiency and productivity of an organization, you need to keep on analyzing and choosing the best IT service support option for your business.

You can choose between the IT Technical Support Employee, Local IT service provider and Nation remote technical center depending on your business needs and value.

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