Importance Of Content Marketing For a Website

Online marketing has become essential in flourishing businesses in the 21st Century. However, the trends for it keep evolving and changing with time. Thus, the key to keep your business top-notch is to remain updated with the latest trends. Having said so, do you know what’s currently on the marketing trend?

It’s content marketing! like many businesses, you might have underestimated its value, but its revenue has hit the U.S. $42.15 billion in 2019, which has only been increasing since then. Today, more than82% of marketers are actively using content marketing and claiming that they have managed to boost their over digital marketing performance through on-site and back-end content marketing.

So, having seen the statistics, not only does it make your business prominent when done right but also increases, brand awareness, website authority, authenticity, lead generation, sales, and conversions. Given that businesses have already started capitalizing on the power of content marketing, what are you waiting for? If you still haven’t been much into it, have a look at this guide to know what it is and how it’s beneficial for your company.

What Is Content Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

Formerly, companies used to tell people how their business is worth spending on. However, now people look for value and credibility. And for that, content marketing is the best source. According to the CMI, content marketing is the best way for attracting and acquiring clearly defined prospects. You can create and distribute useful, relevant, and consistent content to drive the most lucrative customer feedback and increased conversions

The word valuable here distinguishes content marketing from traditional advertising, where there wasn’t any focus on delivering information that the audience needed. You might still be confused a bit about it, so here are a few examples to clarify it further.

  • Videos: Youtube has made its way into every home in the world. Hence, for content marketing, e.g., your tourism business, you can make videos about your city or give travel tips and hacks to your audience. Then, having seen that your audience would be tempted to come to your town and book your tours, you can significantly gain massive benefits.
  • Infographics: Suppose that you’re a company that offers SEO resources. Thus, to improve your credibility in the market, you can make a Pinterest page and post graphs and statistics about how SEO helps boosts revenues.
  • Webpages: A content marketing webpage is different from a regular web page because it offers tips, hacks, or information to the audience. E.g., you can post tips about oil changing or tire changing if you’ve got a business related to cars.

Moreover, podcasts and books are also two other ways of content marketing. Now, how does content marketing work, and how does it benefit you? Have a look.

1. Your Visitors Would Stay With You

When you deliver engaging content that hits the audience’s pain points, they’ll definitely stay longer with you. For example, if your video is eye-catchy with a strong message or your webpage offers some unique tips and tricks, people would find a reason to view your page. Moreover, they’d even return to your page again to find valuable information they need.

2. Get In The Social Media Spotlight

How many friends do you have on Facebook? And how many reactions do you get on your post?

Even if a person has 1000 Facebook friends, they might only get 100 or 200 reactions on their posts. Similar is the case with your business page. Thus, only gaining followers isn’t enough. It would help if you made sure that all those followers are engaged with your page. Well, you can do that by content marketing- post informational or heart-touching videos and posts that offer some insight into your field. You can then engage with your audience too in the comments section.

Also, just to let you know, Facebook alone has 1.47 billion active users daily. So imagine how far your outreach can go with consistent quality content.

3. Build Trust And Authenticity

Content marketing is the best way to build your authenticity and trustworthiness in the market. That’s because your viewers would see you sharing credible information with them without asking for anything in return. While in reality, that would definitely contribute to your sales and leads, you won’t be portraying that to your audience.

Moreover, you can even strengthen your association with the people by answering their questions or replying to their comments. The more you engage, the more your viewers would trust you.

4. Improve And Increase Your Leads

Do you know that 34% of the people who view personalized brand content make an unplanned purchase that they never intended to do?

That’s the magic of content marketing. It can boost up your leads in a dramatic way. But, how would you bring people to your landing page with a blog or a video?

That’s simple. When you post content anywhere, you can place your call to action (CTAs) at the bottom, center, or side panels of that page. The more you’ll please your audience with the content, the more likely they’ll press the CTA button.

To make your content marketing 100% beneficial you need to work on your on-site content marketing and SEO-centric web design. When all combined, your website performs exceptionally well on the SERPs and boosts the growth of your business. on the contrary, if you keep working on content without designing your website appropriately to make it user and search engine-friendly you might not see any results.

5. Shoot Up Your Conversion Rate

Whenever you post any content, you help your client take a step towards the purchase. That’s because informative content increases their knowledge and makes them realize the importance or benefits of your product or service. For example, a person might never go for meditation therapy if they don’t learn its benefits on health.

Moreover, you also build a bond and trust with your client with consistent quality content. Thus, they’ll be relieved while spending on your product.

Just make sure always to put a CTA wherever you upload your content. Your audience must know what to do next or approach your business once they view the page.

6. Get In The Limelight

Have you heard about Search Engine Optimization that’s lately been hyped in the digital marketing field?

Well, for your online business to thrive, you need to appear in the top 10 links or the first page of google. That’s because 75% of people never really go beyond the first page to search for something. That’s where SEO helps by bringing your link to the top.

Now, for SEO, content marketing plays an essential role. For example, you can apply the pillar/ cluster model to compile your blog posts to bring more traffic to your web page. Moreover, blog posts that are constantly updated on your website help in ranking you better on Google.

7. Build Authority In Your Industry

If you display authentic and valuable content on your page, you’ll be seen as an expert in your industry. This would help you build authority in your market. People would refer or revert to you to get valuable information, which would bring you up on the search engine.

8. Cultivate Some Loyal Fans

No matter how strong social media outreach has become, word-of-mouth plays a significant factor in any business’s growth. When you build trustworthy associations with people, they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends and families.

For example, if someone likes the videos you share on pets, they’ll recommend you to people who own pets even if they do not have one. Thus, you’ll make a lot of loyal brand advocates without even paying anything to them.

9. Save Money While Marketing With Content

You might think that you’ll have to spend an enormous amount on content marketing to boost your revenue. However, you’ll be surprised to know that it costs 31 to 41% less than paid searches. Considering the numerous benefits it has, it’s definitely a much affordable and cost-effective marketing strategy.

10.  Compete With The Established Competitors

You might fear getting overshadowed by the established companies in your industry. However, with content marketing, you can make your business stand out among the other competitors. You can let your audience know why you’re unique and build trust in the market. Thus, even if you have a small start-up, you can become a tough competition to the already established businesses.

How To Make Sure That Your Content’s Working?

Not every content would work the same for your business. For example, if your content isn’t displaying well on a person’s device, there is a 45% chance they’ll turn their back on it. So, how would you make sure that your content’s working?

Content scoring is the answer!

It’s the process through which you can assess the quality of your content and its effectiveness in generating leads for your business. This strategy would help you prioritize only the excellent content for the leads and is engaging for your audience.

Also, make sure always to remain updated. That’s because Google brings those links on top that are constantly updated with newer content. You can even revise your older posts by updating the statistics you put months ago or adding some unique infographics to them.

Another key is to remain consistent. If you keep delivering quality and engaging content without any lags, people would eventually look upon you. Additionally, they will expect nothing less than authenticity and credibility from you.

The Takeaway

Content marketing is an essential element that helps businesses bloom. If you keep striving to disseminate valuable information to your audience, you’ll definitely gain more attention, authority, and credibility in the market. Also, this struggle wouldn’t go in vain; it would help you get more leads and sales. Thus, don’t resist spending a bit on content marketing because this cost-effective strategy is the new trend towards success.

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