7 Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name

Want to ensure online presence, be thoughtful while selecting a domain name for your website.

This is highly crucial for success to approach the audience and ultimately for your objectives. A wrong domain name may cost to your aspirations of having a website, brand, and position in search engine ranking.

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So, before choosing the domain name to be attentive about your goals and objectives. In this post, you will learn about some basic things that will assist to choose the best domain from starting.

In lack of any ado, let’s have a look at these useful tips and explore the best domain name that suits precisely and register to move on.

1. Prefer Using .com

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Always prefer ‘.com’ while choosing your domain name. ‘.com’ with a domain name reflects the domain authenticity and credibility. You can see domain name like .ninja or .xyz, etc. considered as an untrustworthy domain.

Use of .com transformed a domain name much impressive and memorable. .com is very easy to get to everyone. Even a non-technical individual suffix .com with every domain without knowing anything. In a smartphone, the keyboard comes integrated with ‘.com.’ button by default.

2. Use Keywords

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Experts from IT industry always recommend adding keywords in your domain name. This tells the crawlers of search engines what a site is all about. Also, along with quality content, the keyword plays a significant role to acquire top ranking in search engine result pages.

Choosing a domain name with the targeted keyword is very difficult, which is not pre-occupied. If so, be smart and combine keywords with other words to the avail keyword rich domain name. is the best example.

3. Create Short Domain Name

Keep the domain name as short as possible. Though, keywords are important but avoid making it too lengthy and flowery that seems daunting to memorize. While deciding a domain name avoid using more than 15 characters.

Long domain name is difficult for users to articulate and remember. Also, the longer domain name tends users to enter typos resulting in losing the web traffic.

4. Keep Easy to Spell by Users

Stay thoughtful and choose the domain name that can be pronounced easily in both speaking and writing. Also, it must be comprehended and spelled correctly by the listener. You never know when a person asks to share your domain name.

5. Avoid Hyphens

Stay away from using hyphens in a domain name. Using hyphens may mark your domain as spam, which you will not like to be associated with. It will reflect a wrong impression among users.

6. Make Sure that Domain is Unique

Be thoughtful to keep your domain name unique that should be memorable by readers easily. So, make sure that the domain name you are selecting is unique, memorable, catchy, and brandable in the end.

7. Avoid Double Letter

Avoid using of doubled letters in a domain will always be a smart decision. The doubled letters are highly prone to typos resulting in losing web traffic.

Final Words

Finally, these are some useful tips you can adopt while selecting a unique, memorable and search engine friendly domain name for your website. So, always keep the things in mind and ensure your online presence with an optimistic approach.

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