Tips To Drive More Traffic To Tour Magento Store

When you operate an E-commerce website, driving traffic to your site is the key to push your sales, create a larger audience, obtain new customers and spread your E-commerce business in all directions rapidly.

More traffic on your website means you have more opportunities for sales. When you set up your E-commerce website and implement your strategy (aimed at getting higher traffic), your desired success is not guaranteed.

E-commerce website owners and SEO professionals always waffle on a lot of strategies to convert their site traffic into sales. Have a look at some of the main tried-and-tested tips detailed below:

1. Make Your E-Commerce Findable On Different Search Engines

People use different search engines to look for products and services they need. Therefore, it is important for you to optimize your E-commerce website with the best practices of SEO so that your E-portal may appear up in the SERPs of different search engines against the relevant terms.

When your E-commerce website have a decent placement on search engines, people visit your website and buy products if they are satisfied. But, keep in mind that all these don’t happen overnight. You can take following steps to ensure good placement of your website in different search engines:

  • Use on page and off page SEO to optimize your website,
  • Keep your website up-to-date. Make sure the materials (content, product descriptions, images, etc,) available on your website are fresh & unique.
  • Publish high-quality and user-centric content to educate your customers about the products/services you sell. You can initiate blogging for this purpose.

Note- E-commerce website optimization is not an easy job as assumed by many amateur SEO professionals. If you lack the sufficient knowledge of the E-commerce SEO and its rapidly changing tactics, get your website optimized through expert and renowned digital marketing companies for getting desired results.

2. Make Your Website Trustworthy And SafeĀ 

Mutual trust between the seller and buyer is the key to the success of an E-commerce business. When you operate an E-commerce website, you have to ensure your customers that all of their personal details are safe on your website. Only then, customers will visit your E-shop frequently and make transactions.

To increase the trustworthiness of your E-commerce website, you can take the following steps:

  • Make sure your website has a well-drafted privacy policy, Terms of use, Product return/replacement/cancellation policy. You need to display the contact us details (with physical address) also. This will help your customers understand your important policies before using your website and contact you immediately when they have issues.
  • Add several payment options to your E-commerce website and attach an SSL Certificate to secure transactions.
  • Add artificial chat bots and set up 24*7 customer care service to address the legitimate concerns of your customers as soon as possible.
  • You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your website from all types of online surveillance, attacks, and hacking attempts. Actually, a VPN connects your computer to a remote server by making use of an encrypted connection.
  • Host your E-commerce website on dedicated or managed servers. It will make your website fast and keep it from online security breaches.
  • Conduct security audits on your website from time-to-time to curb all possible security- related woes instantly.
  • Take all steps to make your E-commerce website super fast to allow people access your site easily within a few seconds.

3. Take Mobile E-commerce Seriously

These days, almost all adults have mobile phones and most of them use their hand-held devices to buy products online. If your website is not mobile responsive, then customers will not be able to browse your E-portal through mobile devices. This is clearly reflected in your sales database when you compare your site’s sale to those sites that are mobile responsive. Lack of mobile responsiveness provokes Google to downgrade your site’s ranking in search results as well.

Just make your website mobile responsive to get huge traffic coming out from different mobile devices and convert them into leads. To boost your user base and improve sales, you should also have your store’s app on Google App store and other similar places. This will allow buyers to download your shopping site app on their mobile devices and accomplish sales easily and quickly.

4. Focus on Simplicity

There are many E-commerce website owners who toil a lot to attract a lot of buyers on their websites, but they fail to meet their sales target miserably on several occasions. While operating your E-portal, you must have noticed that several customers visit your website and leave quickly without taking any action. It happens due to complicated website structure and several other factors. To attract more and more visitors on your website, you can do the following:

  • Keep your website structure in the simplest form. Use simple and appealing color patterns to complete your business and attract visitors.
  • Make sure visitors don’t face navigation problems on your website. You can use breadcrumb navigation (secondary navigation) on your website, allowing visitors to find their location on your site easily.
  • Make the checkout process on your website simple and smooth. It will help buyers to complete the buying process immediately and will assist you to tackle the shopping cart abandonment issue effectively.

5. Increase Awareness About Your Products And Services

It is true that people are not centralized on a particular web platform. They are broadly scattered across various E-platforms. When you have a high target in terms of lead generation, increasing the number of subscribers, time spent on your website, user engagement, you need to promote your product on various platforms to make people aware of your brand and encourage them to buy your products. You can do the following in this regard:

  • Upload your videos on social media websites/video websites and your site’s landing page to let people know about your new products and how to use them properly,
  • You can launch E-mail marketing campaigns to introduce new products/services to your customers and motivate them to buy their favorite products. Email marketing also helps you to get back your lost customers/unhappy buyers.
  • Give premium ads on different search engines to appear top in search engine results and get visitor’s clicks on your websites. You can launch PPC campaigns as well.

6. Demonstrate Reviews On Your E-commerce Website

Reviews and recommendations help your potential customers to have an opinion about the products you are offering and buy them eventually. Allow your website visitors to tender their candid option on your website about the products they already purchased from you and used. This will have a positive impact on your site’s traffic and conversion rate. You can also use customer generated content in your SEO efforts and improve your E-commerce website/produces/services (in case you get negative feedback from your customers).

7. Be Active On Question Answer Websites

Working on Question- Answer websites is another way of helping people find the right answer to their burning questions in an easy way and promoting your website. If you really care about increasing your website traffic, you should be active on different Question-Answer websites and try to refer your site’s useful content to users to make them land on your website.

Final Words

E-commerce website owners are directly benefited from the increased traffic on their sites. Just implement the above-mentioned tips honestly see a sharp boom in your Magento based E-commerce website.

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