15 Awesome Tips On: How To Create Your Own Free Website?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had answer to that, turns out the answer to this question is way easier than one might think. To create your own website free of cost is not an unachievable dream anymore, it is very much the reality today.

With services of online website builders, you don’t have to wonder about how to create your own free website, the process is rather simple and the user-friendly interface of website builders’ really help you have smooth experience.

Here are 15 awesome tips to remember when creating your own free website, to get the best out of your free website.

Have a Clear Goal For Your Website 

Every website is different because it serves a different purpose. To make sure your website is successful at serving its specific purpose, it is important that you have a clear goal for your website when making it. For example, if the goal for your website is to provide information, make sure your build it with this in mind.

However, building a website without a goal is only waste of time, money and efforts.

Write Your Own Content 

Before you actually start the process of build your very own free website, make sure you have at least some idea for what you want your website to say. It is best if the actual owner of the website start the content creation process even if they are not the one making the website, because no one else will know more about the message of the website than its owner.

Tell Your Audience What You Can Do For Them

It always helps to try to read your website content as a potential website visitor. Your website visitors may appreciate more if you tell what benefits you have for them instead of only talking about what you can do.

Utilize Your Website CTAs (Call to Action)

You should utilize your website CTAs well, as it is a way to make your goals clear to website visitors. For example, if you want your visitors to look through your new collection and buy from you then you tell them this with a CTA. Similarly if you want to them to sign-up for newsletter then provide a subscription form where appropriate.

Draw Inspiration For Your Website 

It is common for people making their first website to not know or be sure for what website look they want or what their content should say. The best practice when making your first website is to look for some website as your inspiration. Don’t copy this website, take inspiration from it and try to get an idea about what you want your website to look like and what you want from it.

Make Sure You Have a Reliable Host For Your Website

There are different platforms available that offer you hosting services, even some website builders offer website hosting. If you want to get website building and hosting services from one platform then look this when you are choosing your website builder.

Look into The Pre-designed Website Templates

You make your free website using the pre-designed website templates available on your chosen website builder. Usually website builders categorize their website templates industry-wise and each industry has a number of template options that are all relevant to one or more sections of that specific industry.

The website template you choose has a big impact on the overall look and feel of your website. Hence, make sure you choose a template that will go best with your specific vision and requirements for your website.

Add a Face in Your Free Website

Unlike what might be the common perception, it is not always beneficial for new businesses or owners to try to make themselves appear a bigger business. There is a large segment of customers who would actually prefer to buy from or associate with a real person than a large company. As they believe that it is more likely for a small business to treat them like an individual and not just a number, than a large company.

Hence, you should give a face to your website that makes your audience feel more comfortable and valued. You can do this by adding owner’s photo or the team’s photo in the website.

Make Contacting You as Easy as Possible

Every website with a commercial purpose, no matter the size of operations or the industry, should include their contact information. You can provide your email address, physical address, phone number, social accounts, or all of the above. The more contact channels you provide the more your audience feels comfortable to reach out or buy from you.

Keep Your Website Elements Simple 

Whether when picking your free website template or working on any website graphic, don’t go too crazy. Try to pick a few colors or textures and stick to it, try to keep it simple and avoid using too many different fonts.

Make Your Text Easy to Read

There is not much use of your website if your content is hard to read or the font used is too complicated and confusing. Try to use basic typefaces or keep the ones suggested in the template, as they are mostly the best for readability.

 Just remember fancy fonts don’t always make your website and content look cool.

Add Valuable Images

Visual appeal can be very important in your free website to catch attention of audience. However, make sure the images you include in your website are relevant and they go with the overall feel and look of your website, some ideas for website images include team photos and images to show your work portfolio or versatility.

Include Customer/ Client Testimonials

Customer/ client testimonials can be another great element of your free business website. If you are a new business, try to work for some quality testimonials rather than using any generic recommendations that won’t have much impact on website visitors.

Quality testimonials are great for building your brand credibility.

Make Sure You Have a Mobile Responsive Website

Not all website builders allow to build a mobile-friendly website with their free plan. Hence, when picking your website builder make sure to double check if it offers a responsive website with the free plan.

Having a website that is not mobile-friendly is like driving away from an increasing section of customers, and it will also make you look unprofessional and hurt your SEO.

Research SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is a concept you will have to learn and keep in mind at all times while building and running your free website. If you want, you can take help from SEO professionals but you will have to educate yourself, later in time, about how you can make the best use of SEO practices to increase your website’s organic traffic.

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