Track User Activities Tools on the WordPress Website

Would you like to know when your target users open your WordPress website? What want to know their favorite page and attractive articles on your blog? Do not worry; WordPress website design company comes up with wonderful tools that can help you in monitoring and analyzing the user activities for your online stores. It is essential to know the clients who visit your platform and where exactly do they land on your site in real-time. At this point, web analytics is required in determining if your marketing and the search engine optimization offers relevant traffic for your website.

The more information you collect about your online visitors, the more you will realize their behaviors and aim to improve your site by optimizing it to enhance better conversion rates. The tracking and analyzing the user activities of your website gives outstanding value for your site. This is because from the data collected; it will help in boosting the marketing of your products and brand value. Below are the ten most essential tools that you can use in tracking user activities for your word press websites.

1. AFS Analytics

AFS Analytics

It is a great plug-in that helps you in exploring your analytics with a drag-and-drop canvas, digital visualizations while still acquiring real-time and robust pictures for the behaviors of your customers. It helps you in understanding the behavior of your visitors hence understand what you need to improve your web content. It has automation that tracks every track that includes downloads, clicks, video views, scroll paths, form access, etc.

2. MixPanel


The tool can help in analyzing the interactions of the users across the customer journey by using both the internal and the external data. It will help you to get various ways of improving the engagement rates and customer lifetime value basing on the actions they take. Also, the plug-in helps you in tracking real-time events for your word press site, allowing you to come up with user retention through providing the, with push notification and emails.

3. Jetpack by WordPress

This is one of the most fundamental plug-ns for the word press websites. It is an analytic gadget that comes with many features in the likes of image optimization and security. It helps in tracking many successful posts, visitors’ peak time, and sometimes timelines of the user’s visits. Another thing is that it offers your website with the monitoring options and mobile optimization services that aim at increasing traffic for your word press website.

4. WD Google Analytics

WD Google Analytics

It is the most versatile yet user-friendly tracking tool that helps in bringing your Google analytics dashboard right to your site’s dashboard. It helps in getting out to the up-to-date reports on how your website performs, comparing metrics, tracking users, and monitoring targeted activities. Also, it allows you to acquire custom reports on different parameters and dimensions, yet providing you with eCommerce, Ad words, and Ad-sense reports. It helps the marketer to managing goals of tracking the user interactions on your platform in regards to the destination, duration, and pages, among other options.

5. Extra Watch

It is a very successful optimizing plug-in tool that helps in analyzing your site traffic. It involves all the optimization options like site editing, the weekly, and the daily stats in their preferred forms. It offers you accessibility to monitor the behavior of the visitors, time spent on the site, and reports of them leaving the site. The good thing with this tool is that it blocks the wrong words and their IP addresses.

6. Kissmetrics

It is a unique tool that focuses on tracking an individual visitor y following the links they have followed and the pages they have visited. It helps in informing you of what exactly is happening instead of the general happenings on your website.

7. WP Power Stats

WP Power Stats

It is one of the most straightforward plug-in tools in the market. It provides you with comprehensive insights concerning the traffic in your platform. It is swift, secure, and reliable with highly customizable settings.

8. Google Analytics by Monster Insights

It is one of the most used web tracking plug-ins for the word press website with analytic tools and intuitive interfaces. Google Analytics provides you with a standard tracking code that can help in searching the results, out bounding links, and download yet providing users with IP to hide their strict privacy. Connecting GA with your website, you can see all your visitors and how they use your platform. Besides, you can tell what keeps them coming back to your site.

9. User Activity Log

User Activity Log

The user activity log is very efficient to know the actions that are taken by your website users. It is a free plug-in that helps the word press website to update everything on your platform.

10. Simple History

It will help in tracking the log, history, and any other history of the significant events that took place on your website. It offers an RSS of the changes that every feature will allow you to check the modifications it makes.

Final Thoughts

If you need to track your WordPress website, you can choose any of the above-discussed tools that support your analytics. If you would want to know more, there are premium versions that you can purchase to give you better and more profound results. In essence, the entire discussed tool serves for the same goal of collecting website’s information

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