Top 10 Considerations to Choose a Magento 2 Development Company

Building an eCommerce website and a profitable one is far from easy irrespective of the business experience you possess. The ultimate objective lies in the customer experience. If the customer loves the journey to purchase, you have got it. But if there is a glitch or more in the customer journey, no matter how good your product is, your customer will leave you for a better experience.

Considerations to Choose a Magento 2 Development Company

However, to achieve customer satisfaction, you need to own an eCommerce website that is user-friendly, easy to reach, attractively designed, and highly functional. But before even considering the design, your attention must divert towards choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business. Here enters Magento 2.

If you are planning to choose Magento 2 to build your eCommerce website, that might be one of the best decisions of your professional life. Magento 2 is a compelling eCommerce platform and many companies to choose for Magento eCommerce service like Krish Technolabs, Web Creta, Ice Cube Digital, Magento Guys, Soft Web Solutions, Zazz.

To fully wield the power of Magento 2, you need to collaborate with the right Magento 2 developer. But before doing so, a business owner must ask a few questions before hiring one.

So, we have compiled a list of top 10 questions to ask when choosing a Magento 2 development company for you.

1. Are you a Magento 2 certified developer?

A credible Magento developer will get their skills certified via Magento certifications. Magento developers often clear Magento certification exams to stand out from the crowd. These certifications improve their credibility, skills, and experience and prove to be the hallmark of their professionalism.

Hence, before hiring a Magento 2 development company, make sure that they have Magento 2 certified developers in their team who are well versed in Magento development of eCommerce websites and excellent after-support. Also, you should be familiar with the Magneto certification prerequisites so that you can recognize the skills that you are looking for.

2. How much experience do you have as a Magento 2 development company?

An experienced Magento 2 developer will be at par with the industry standards and protocols. Also, they would always follow best practices to overcome challenges. Experiences also count while brainstorming ideas for what is best for your eCommerce business and hence design the best eCommerce website for you, which helps you gain unimaginable profits in the future. An experienced Magento 2 development company would be far-sighted and suggest appropriate eCommerce upgrades to you throughout their tenure.

Hence, you have to ask the Magento 2 development company about their past experiences, past work, and the brands they have worked for. Make sure the information that you get is credible and true before hiring them. Assess your designer’s skills and gain insights about what you can extract and achieve with their help. Raise your expectations accordingly.

3. Are you a Magento solution partner?

Magento solution partners are globally or regionally trusted digital agencies that can help you deliver excellent experiences with Magento commerce. These digital agencies or consulting companies primarily provide end-to-end eCommerce solutions, including digital strategy, custom development, integration, and deployment. These solution partners are crucial for setting up a Magento platform as they possess the expertise to meet even the most complex and specialized needs.

You need to check if the Magento 2 development company you want to hire is an official Magento solution partner. These partners usually have access to the latest features, developments, and trends provided by Adobe Magento and can be a boon for your eCommerce business.

4. Have you worked on similar eCommerce websites or projects like mine?

While this might not come as a deal-breaker but it is a plus to know that your Magento developer has worked for similar eCommerce websites in the industry. It provides a sense of trust, but it also proves the developer’s efficiency in handling similar projects. In a way, it reduces the anxiety of the business owner.

For instance, you may need certain features and customizations specific to your business that are not available in out-of-the-box Magento installation. So, if your Magento development company has worked on similar e-stores, they may have already developed similar functionalities that you are looking for. This could eventually save countless hours of development time and money.

5. How much would it cost to develop my Magento store?

The development cost of any project majorly depends on the features and complexity demanded by the business owner. So you make sure to explain all the functionalities and features you need and ask for a detailed estimate beforehand. In case the quotation exceeds your expectations, you should strike out the less important features. The pricing must be finalized on paper with a detailed project description beforehand to avoid any future misunderstandings and discrepancies.

Some other factors contributing to the total cost of development include the country, experience level of the developer, and their expertise in the industry. It is always a wiser option to have clarity about your own business and communicate the same to the developer to obtain a precise quote. You will accept a quote probably when it fits your pocket. Even if you have a lean budget, you can still find a good Magento developer and clarify everything initially to plan your business accordingly.

6. Do you provide post-development maintenance and support?

Once your eCommerce website is up and live, you will need support to maintain it. However, back-end editing is usually straightforward and intuitive and can be quickly done by your in-house team. But sometimes, some complications need technical expertise, like bugs or other technological glitches which are beyond your horizon. These are the times when you will post-development fixes and support from your Magento developer.

Magento is an intricate platform, and experiencing bugs or glitches is not unusual. These problems can show both in the front and the back-end. It is essential to resolve these issues as soon as possible, or else it can ultimately lead to revenue loss. Hence, it is an excellent decision to talk to your developer about Magento support and maintenance services upfront.

7. Do you have a history of good communication and interpersonal skills with your clients?

Effective communication and maintaining good interpersonal relationships with the client are essential for Magento development to run smoothly. Thus, make sure to establish an open channel of communication right from the first point of contact up to post-development support with the Magento developer. In addition, make sure that your hired developer updates you on the progress of your project throughout the development process.

A good Magento 2 development company will always be transparent and regularly conduct meetings. That might even facilitate the negotiation of technological features in the client’s best interest, enabling you to make the most eCommerce development. Hence, it is crucial to hire a freelancer Magento developer who gives importance to good communication and interpersonal skills.

8. What about the SEO of my eCommerce website?

Search engine optimization or SEO is crucial to make your eCommerce website visible to the search engines and get higher rankings. The resources you spend developing a highly polished eCommerce website will be wasted if visitors and potential customers cannot find you. SEO is a very complex and technical process, and hiring a Magento developer who has an expert team to handle it can prove to be a boon for your business.

Please discuss the SEO fundamentals with your hired developer. This includes discussing the budget, the prospects, and the time needed to make your website SEO friendly. But make sure that your Magento 2 development company has prior experience in SEO projects and is proven to show tangible results.

9. What are your strategies for the design and mobile responsiveness of the websites?

Your developer most probably will use a Magento theme to build your eCommerce website. With specific tweaks and customizations, you are sure to receive a uniquely designed e-store. But it is always advisable to talk to your developer about their capabilities to produce custom-designed content blocks as a custom-designed website is bound to build a reputable and recognizable brand. Your aim must be to create an eCommerce store unlike any other in the market, especially aesthetically, to make your brand instantly recognizable.

Another point to be kept in mind is responsiveness. In this hyper-digitized world, most users use smartphones to access the internet and online shopping. If your eCommerce website is not mobile responsive or mobile-friendly, you are bound to lose a large chunk of your potential customers. So make sure to communicate to your Magento developer about this particular requirement.

10. Can you please share some work samples?

For any company out there, a work portfolio is the mirror of their experience and expertise. The same is the case for a Magento development company. It would be best to ask for their work portfolio to get a clear picture of their work and their professional journey. Also, you can contact their previous clients and get feedback and testimonies to make sure you stand on solid ground before hiring the company that will play a crucial role in realizing your dreams.


Many more questions could be asked, but the most crucial ones made the list. Nevertheless, make sure you are well equipped with background knowledge of Magento before scrutinizing the Magento developer. This is your dream, and you need to make sure to be proactive. Do not be afraid to ask difficult questions. Get ultimate clarity in the case of cost-related queries and post-project support. The right Magento 2 development company will facilitate you to achieve your dreams and ultimately build a profitable eCommerce business.

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