5 High-Quality Link Building Strategies for Your Website

Link building is an imperative part of SEO. If you want to rank your website in Google, you simply can’t ignore the importance of working on a solid SEO strategy.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of link building, your approach should be correct so that you get the best results.

There is a lot of free advice on the internet that tells you about the right strategy to follow. However, it can also be confusing at times.

In the below guide, you’ll learn about link building strategies that will help you earn top-ranking positions in Google.

Effective Link Building Strategies

1. Use Categorized Infographics

The power of infographics can’t be denied: its the best form of linkbait. It also has the potential to go viral on different platforms and can help generate high-quality links for your website.

It’s been one of the most effective and sought out tactics in recent years. Most content strategists also prefer an infographic instead of content to market their product or service.

It’s the best way to provide information to new customers. When a user visits the site and reads the infographic, the idea and information translate in the best way possible.

Infographics has also seen a steady spike in brand mentions and social shares. Most people prefer sharing an infographic to written content. Plus, it’s easier to share this as an image, so it gains higher traction.

Typically, infographics are categorized into three different types; namely Keyword-focused, Research-based, and Story-based.
Keyword focused infographics are created for keyword-based ranking in Google. Research-based infographics are backed by data and lets you earn contextual links through different citations.

Story-based or how-to guides work on interesting information that can be shared with the general audience.

2. Use Content Guides

Content is still the king and will remain so. When content is useful, it’ll help your site to create goodwill. Most people tend to focus on quality content for the site. But, it should also be useful to any reader reading it.

It should provide all the possible answers to readers’ pain points and also provide a step guide to the reader. Over the past few years, content creators have been focusing on special guides.

This has helped the site owners earn high-quality links from other sites. Content guides are the best type of investment as it establishes your credibility as an expert.

Guides are hard to produce, but the result it offers is simply great. Before starting with the guide, you need to ensure that the content is actionable.

The focus should be on the key points that’ll be addressed. You should know what your target reader is struggling with. Then comes the information that you are working on.

Don’t forget to outline and focus on different categories. Search for different content and cumulate it into a single guide. By doing this, you’re making it easier for your site readers.

3. Use Sponsorship Authorities

You’ll be able to acquire sponsorships from high PA and DA pages. This can be acquired from different events, boot camps, summits, and conferences. Once you offer to sponsor any event, your website logo will be linked to their homepage or the dedicated page of the sponsors.

This makes the link building strategy highly scalable and effective. When you choose this process, you are not only getting a link from the existing page of high authority, but you’re also bringing your name in front of so many new people. This would eventually help you gain more traffic and bring in more business.

Currently, there is a growing trend in conferences in the industry. And every year, there are dozens of media summits and SEO events. It means that you can dedicate a particular budget exclusively for sponsoring these events, which would help to build your links and brand equity as well.

Sponsorship links are still untapped and not discussed online as compared to other link building strategies. If you use this, then you’ll be able to achieve your goal of link building and be able to strengthen your company profile with this.

4. Use Resource Pages Links

Irrespective of your business or website, resource pages are available all around the web. You’ll find tons of pages that are available online that provide links to useful websites and content in the industry.

Here, the link building strategy is truly effective as you’re able to acquire a link from a web page that has been live for many years on the web. The page you link with has a good page authority that benefits your website or a post.

The best part is curators of these page resources are always on the lookout for new resources to make their pages more valuable for the readers.

To find the resource page links, use the Google page strings and all the pages that you need to link with. Then examine the top linking pages to your competitors’ website, the one that you are competing against.

Once you have a good list of prospect link pages, start pitching the webmasters by finding their social media accounts and email address. Also, to increase your chance of getting the required links from the resource pages, you need to provide your information first rather than asking.

Simply start by giving feedback on layout and design and how it can be improved. You can also start with words of appreciation to build a fine rapport.

5. Use Roundup Articles

Over the last couple of years, expert round-up posts have gained maximum attention in link building. A round-up post can generate social shares and links as industry experts are asked to contribute on a single topic that is published as a post on the site. An expert roundup post is also used to rank a particular keyword.

Apart from this, you can get listed in link roundups. These types of blogs or posts are common in every website niche. For this, you’ll need to find websites that are regular at posting round-up articles.

Once you find such websites, simply pitch your content for the next round up. Round-up content is generally updated on monthly basis. For a prolonged approach, send an initial outreach mail to the website, then pivot to the pitch.

Once they reply, go ahead and pivot with your link pitch. Do keep in mind that your content should be of high quality. This will not only help you get the link, but it’ll also increase targeted traffic to your website, and that is an added advantage. Also, the content you need to pitch should add value to the website.

To Conclude,

Before you run a link building strategy for your website, you need to plan. Decide which pages you wish to increase search visibility for and then use the process.

Also, determine how many links you need to build your site. With the above insight to link building tactics, it is about time you utilize the strategy in the best possible way. Become a pro in link building and see your site grow.

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