Billy: Hassle-Free Accounting and Invoicing software

Billy is an accounting and invoicing platform designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers who need a simple solution. Its user-friendly interface allows you to manage tasks with just a few clicks, reducing the stress of looking after your finances. Billy makes accounting less complicated, giving you the chance to focus on other aspects of your business.The software lets you create accurate invoices that can be customized with images and other details. Apart from being a practical tool to make sure that you get paid, Billy lets you keep track of your finances and set recurring invoices.

Creating an invoice with Billy is very easy and all the plans offer the possibility of producing as many branded invoices as you want. To speed things up, you can enter products, customers, and other information before starting the invoice creating process. After only a few clicks, your invoice will be ready and you can send it without hassle.

You can also create quotes and submit a proposal to a client for approval. Quotes can be easily converted into invoices. When you access Billy’s dashboard, you get an overview of your invoices, which allows you to get a quick idea of the financial situation of your business. The main features of the software can be accessed through the straightforward menu.

With Billy, you can also import bills or capture them manually to add them to the system and manage them from there. The application allows you to keep track of who owes you money, how much and when are you due to be paid. In addition, you can send friendly reminders to customers who haven’t paid on time.

Billy also gives you the possibility of enabling credit card payments to get paid faster. Linking your bank or credit card is another option supported and it lets you import all your expenses automatically and keep track of them effortlessly. Having all your figures organized and easily accessible in one place, makes things simple when you need to prepare your taxes.

Billy is ideal for anyone who needs a simple, yet comprehensive solution to manage their business’ accounting. It has everything that you need to create invoices, keep track of your expenses, manage billing processes and more. It lets you stay on top of the financial aspect of the business in an easy way, giving you more time to dedicate your efforts to other areas

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