9 Effective Ways to Build Excellent Links

Modern marketing campaigns must include link building. It is one of the most effective strategies and can bring in a great deal of visibility to your website. Link building is also a very important ranking factor. Google decides whether it can trust a website based on inbound links from high-authority sources.

Business owners often find link building to be an intimidating process. They can’t control the results and must rely on high-authority websites to consider their content worthy.

Don’t let this lack of control hold you back. You can build a great link profile if you plan your campaign well. This article includes some tips and tricks that can help you get good links:

1. Focus on Creating Great Content

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Content is the heart and soul of every link building campaign. Your first priority in this strategy should be to create a link-worthy asset. This is a challenging task, especially if you don’t have much experience in the field. These tips can help:

  • Choose a topic that is already in demand
  • Conduct in-depth research and make sure all your information is current.
  • Write an article of more than 1,000 words. 2,500 words is a great target and articles with the word count ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 words have the highest number of social shares.
  • Include original research wherever possible.
  • Create popular forms of content like infographics and videos.
  • Create skyscraper content that can be upgraded every year with new information.

If you create a link-worthy asset, it will be much easier to attract good-quality links. This might require some time and effort, but it yields great results.

2. Interact with People in Your Industry

Backlinking is all about building relationships and trust. A website will only add your link to their content if they’re convinced you to offer high-quality information. You can attract more backlinks by building your reputation in the industry.

You can build relationships by commenting on other people’s posts and content. Make sure you offer something meaningful and ask questions if needed. This shows that you are really interested in their content and will help you develop a relationship.

3. Guest Post on High-Authority Websites

Google has started to voice their disapproval for guest posting for link building purposes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use guest posting to get more attention to your website.

Instead of stuffing the article with keyword-rich links, focus on educating the audience. You can mention your brand or a particular article once if it is relevant to the content.

This helps link building because it increases your level of authority. More people are willing to take a look at your content and more people will link to it. Guest posting is one of your link-building puzzle pieces.

4. Build A Strong Reader Base

A strong reader base takes time and requires effort, but it is the best way to create a link profile. To get a good reader base, you will need to create content consistently and maintain a high standard of quality. Once people realize they can expect consistent quality from you, they’ll keep coming back.

A good reader base will provide a consistent supply of links for every content you post. You won’t have to reach out to as many people to get backlinks. Your outreach efforts will also be more successful if there’s an established reader base for your content.

5. Become a Part of Forums and Communities

Forums and communities are hubs for you to connect with people. You can expand your network and become familiar with other content creators in your industry. You can post comments and answers with your links on these platforms, but the primary advantage is building connections.

People in forums and communities are always asking questions and engaging in discussions. You can create content based on these questions or discussions. It is also a good idea to share content you have already written to them if it offers a solution.

For example, if a forum user poses a question regarding the importance of internal link building, you can direct them to an article you have already written on the subject. This brings more visibility to your content and can attract links.

6. Add Outbound Links

Link building is often a relationship of giving and take. If you add outbound links to high-authority websites in your industry, there’s a chance they might reciprocate.

Don’t add outbound links recklessly because they will take traffic away from your website. Instead, you should make sure every link adds value to your content and enhances user experience. This will ensure you have a more balanced link profile.

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7. Have a Good Outreach System

Outreach emails are the backbone of every link building campaign. During this process, a content creator sends out hundreds of emails to different websites to gain backlinks. This is similar to cold calling and is slightly intrusive.

However, this is the only strategy that works when you’re just starting out and are looking for some recognition. If your content is great and you have written a good outreach email, there’s a chance you might win a link. You can look at some real outreach email examples to get a clear idea of what to expect.

8. Offer Broken Link Replacements

Broken links are great opportunities and can help you hijack a dead link by a different website. If you come across a broken link on someone else’s article, examine what kind of information the link provides. You can then create great content based on the topic and offer your article as a replacement.

Most websites will accept the replacement and fix their broken link. This is a great way to get recognition and expand your link profile. It is easier than cold emailing and has a higher success rate.

9. Link to Brand Mentions

Sometimes people will mention your brand or products in their content without linking you. This is also a great opportunity to gain backlinks. Track your mentions through Google Alerts and reach out to people who mention your company in any context.

A good link building strategy will get you legitimate links from reputable websites. It is important to maintain a straightforward campaign because Google’s algorithm can sniff out spam links.

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