7 Tips On Finding The Perfect T-shirt Design

Nowadays, both t-shirts and shirts are worn by both sexes regardless of their ages, So, they need to be made eye-catching and attractive for them. If you are an owner of an online apparel business, you need to think very seriously for designing so that your products remain the centre of attraction to your targeted clients. T-shirt design software  is tool that helps you in making apparel designs of your choice that can bring huge traffic to your business. The 7 tips that you need on finding the perfect t-shirt design include the following:

Think Pensively: Designing is no longer confined to painters and artists. You too can make attractive designs if you think seriously about them. If you surf, you will find many attractive designs. Do not imitate them or you will be a cheater. What you need to do is to get an idea about designs and try to make a distinctive design for your products. Unless your products are different from you competitors in the market, your clients won’t take interest in you.

Have a Consultation With a Designing Team: As explained above, you need to think a lot for designing for your products; you should try your best. However, if you think that you are not confident enough to cope with your work, do not feel hesitant to consult a designing team that comprises experts designers. Their tips will help you know what goes into making of striking designs. Be flexible with them and follow whatever advice they give to you. The techniques are undoubtedly difficult, so be attentive to them.

Know The Current Market Trend: There are many garment businessmen in the market, who try to compete each other. Unless your products are different from them, clients will not have a penchant for them. Set out in the market to know the latest trend and what clients wish for. If you live up to their expectations—you make designs that they crave—your garment business is bound to thrive and you will make waves. Thus, contemplate your clients needs and expectations as well if you want to business to run on the right track.

Background of Apparels: The backgrounds of both t-shirt and shirt hold great importance for your targeted clients. If you create a transparent background for these two dresses, their colours will be more visible and striking. Generally, an image on the right side of t-shirts and shirts look much better in comparison to being on the right side. Follow this tactic to make your products the apple of clients eyes. If you wish, you can upload a PNG image with a transparent background.

Image Size: You are advised to use the standard image size—2125 x 3000 pixels—which will cover the maximum areas of both t-shirt and shirt. In order to suit your convenience, you can make use of the scale feature in the creation engine for scaling the image down so that it gets fitted within the bounding box. Bear in mind that scale feature will allow you to decrease the size of design, nor to increase it. The technique involved therein is a bit frustrating. So, do not lose your temperament.

Colour Modes:  The difference in colour modes may upset you a bit. The colour that appears on printed t-shirts and shirts look different from the colour used in the original design. Basically, there are two major colours—CMYK and RGB—which are available for designers. The forme covers a smaller range while the latter covers the most. You are advised to use CMYK mode while designing for printing on apparel and RGB mode while designing something that is going to be seen on a screen.

Placement of Design: It is a very important factor for your apparels that you need to ponder. Even if you have made awesome designs, but if they are not placed properly then they will look awkward. So, ensure the proper placement.

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