Increase Your Fashion Store Growth With Magento-2

The main purpose of any eCommerce site is to make sales and, therefore, money. If your online shop is currently under-performing, being proactive is the best way to boost sales, increase visitor numbers and help your site fulfill its potential.

Although the exact steps you’ll need to take will depend on your target audience, the existing set-up of your online shop and your future ambitions, the basics of boosting online growth remain roughly the same across the board. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Magento-2?

Magento has long been one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms. In fact, the platform has a 26% share of the market, meaning that many of the sites you buy from will be run on Magento. Magento-2 is simply the latest incarnation of the e-commerce platform.

Providing updated tools and plugins and offering even more scope for development, Magento-2 is a powerful way to grow your online business.

There are many well-known brands that choose Magento 2 for their online fashion store including:

There are many advantages of choosing Magento 2 for your online fashion store, including:

  • Homepage promotional banner with attractive category listing and image slider for faster searching
  • User-friendly top menu
  • The Zoom feature on product pages to offer a closer look and the stores’ switcher with useful flag buttons.
  • Featured products block on the homepage highlights
  • When browsing, users can see swatches that help you configure and add the product to the shopping cart directly in the quick view window.
  • Easy to create tabbed content for extended product description, tips on how to use the system, high-quality video, customer reviews, delivery information, manuals, and much more!

Go Mobile

If you approach Magento development companies about online growth and boosting customer numbers, one of the first things they’ll tell you is to go mobile. Every year, more and more people use smartphones and tablets to shop online, so ensuring your eCommerce site is easy to use from mobile devices is essential.

One of the most basic ways of improving mobile accessibility is to make your site responsive. If the content automatically adjusts to fit the size of screen it’s being viewed on, it will be a lot easier for mobile users to navigate. Ensuring that photos and videos are optimized for mobile users will also help to make your site easy to use on smartphones and tablets.

Include Reviews

As many well-known e-commerce sites have demonstrated, people like to read reviews before making a purchase. This is especially true if they’re buying from a business for the first time.

There are a number of companies offering Magento development services that can install review apps and plugins into your site. This will allow your customers to provide valuable feedback and will give new shoppers the confidence they need to part with their cash.

Boost Security

Security is a major concern for all online shoppers. Research has shown that a staggering 89% of Brits are worried about keeping their information safe online. Boosting the security of your site is, therefore, a good way to increase customer confidence and keep your shoppers out of harm’s way.

There are several ways to increase your site’s digital defenses. One of the simplest is to invest in an SSL certificate. Most companies that provide Magento eCommerce development services will be able to arrange this for you quickly and easily.

If you want to take things further, you could look into installing a more secure payment gateway. Look at plugins that offer tokenization and that allow you to save customer details. Your shoppers will then be able to log into your site to manage their credit cards and you’ll find it easier to issue refunds and invoices.

Including various official logos on your site and on your checkout page is another good way to increase customer confidence. If you use a secure payment gateway, have an SSL certificate or are a member of an official body, make sure you include the logos on your website so your customers can see just how trustworthy you are.

Use a One-Page Checkout

In general, customers shopping online want the payment process to be as quick and easy as possible. If you feel that the default Magento checkout is too lengthy, you could ask a company that provides e-commerce development services to create a one-page checkout for you.

Not having to click through page after page of details will make your customers’ lives easier and will increase the chances they’ll see their purchase through to its conclusion. Using a professional company to create your fast-track checkout will ensure you collect all the information you need before your customers click away.

Make Searching Easy

If customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’ll be much more likely to make a purchase. Incorporate an efficient search feature into your Magento-2 site to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. There are a number of plugins that make internal website searches easy, so try a few out to find the feature that’s right for you.

Improve the Quality of Your Copy

Although improving the usability of your site is important, your hard work won’t bring much in the way of rewards if you don’t get more people to your site in the first place.

Improving the quality of the copy on your site will help to boost your Google page ranking and improve your SEO. Make sure you use headers, hyperlinks and title tags where appropriate in order to ensure the search engines know exactly what your site is about.

Use Professional Images

Images are incredibly important when it comes to growing your online sales. Customers want to know exactly what it is they’re buying, so make sure that you use high-quality, professional images wherever possible. Ideally, product listings should feature a number of photos showing your item from various angles. This will help your shoppers to work out if your products are right for them.

Promote Your Site on Social Media

Another great way to boost traffic to your site is to promote your business on social media. If you haven’t done it already, create social media profiles for your brand. Once you’ve filled these profiles with photos and relevant information, get active in your online community and try to get people in your network sharing your content.

Final Words

Putting a little extra time and effort into planning and developing your Magento-2 site can bring big rewards. So Why not start work on your eCommerce site now and see how fast you can grow your online business?

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