Key Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

As 2019 progresses the digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is going to witness a dramatic shift. There are the latest digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech, Internet-connected era and there is an urgent need to use them to be more successful. Following are key digital marketing trends for 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very prominent technology used in the world nowadays. AI has the potential to analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, utilizing data from social media platforms and blog posts to help businesses understand how users and customers find their products and services. The businesses adopting AI in 2019 are likely to save costs and accelerate growth, beating the competitors in the process.

Dominance of Marketing Bots

Automation trends are likely to emerge as a powerful tool for digital marketing in 2019 in addition to gaining popularity. Marketing bots can perform unique and complex and enable direct communication with customers. They make every single task as simple as possible. These can be put to significant usage to enhance digital marketing strategy such as to conduct research, communicate, organize a whole team, automating the messaging platform or to increase engagement. The biggest advantage of bots is that they help critically boost the conversion rate of a website. One of the most popular categories is chatbots that interact with the customers day and night. The key advantage of virtual assistance is that the response is prompt compared to physical support. They can also recall everything that happened in the past and perform repetitive tasks perfectly.

Personalized Marketing

More customized approach can be expected for every single user in 2019. Continuous research on customer behavior helps create a set of features defining their real identity and their motive helping create personalized content. Proper interaction with the users results in key advantages such as an increase in the rate of subscriptions, enhancing the new user growth, ensuring customers are happy and satisfied, improving click-through rate, trustworthiness, and strong bonding with the user. Email marketing can see a change with the introduction of personalized messages and images.

Even the recipient gets a contempt feeling that the company is taking care of them. The result is improved user engagement and higher conversion rates which ultimately result in increased conversion rate.

Visual Search Will See Growth

In 2019 the latest method of visual search is going to define the way people do the search. There is an introduction of Google Lens from Google, which will help refine the visual search. People are continuously changing the way how they need to get the data, and this introduction will shape the way people search. In the case of visual search, Pinterest is one instance that is getting to the peak with lots of search options. People are attracted more to these features since the online shopping, price and image comparison is made much simpler. Digital marketing together with Search Engine Optimization with new tactics will help share the success of visual search campaign. By using these new features there is a prospect of attracting the targeted audience.

Growing Influence of Video

With platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Live, video is another big trend online that is likely to witness exponential growth in 2019.

Traditional content that people used to watch on television is now available through their smartphones at the touch of their fingertips. According to trusted sources, 82 percent of internet traffic is going to be via video by 2021, no wonder the prospect of strong growth of this platform in 2019 itself. Video is now the new medium adopted by leading business houses as well for marketing and product and services promotion purposes.

Voice Search to see Significant Growth

The advances made in recent years in the fields of natural language processing, automation, and machine learning have enabled virtual assistants to become increasingly intelligent and useful. A prominent and significant number of searches performed on Google every day are voice searches now, with personal assistant devices leading the way. Therefore, tailoring your SEO strategy for voice search is a crucial and important task to be achieved in 2019. One of the tactics to achieve this by making your search phrases more conversational and less like written terms. Just foresee what your customers might speak, rather than type while making a query. It will also be wise to start writing in a more conversational tone to develop content that better aligns with voice search.

Personalized Marketing and Growth of Social Media

Consumers are more concerned with personalization now than ever before and this trend will see significant growth in 2019. When it comes to connecting with brands, consumers realize that it’s the little things that matter. No wonder taking the extra step to personalize emails can result in more loyal customers and more conversions. When creating a personalized email marketing campaign, it will be good to:

  • Create specific emails based on diverse market segments
  • Choose to promote products and services that are interesting for customers
  • Craft short but memorable and impactful content

Not only will emails become more personal, but more businesses are going to focus on making emails more accessible to mobile devices. Making sure your email content is personalized and optimized as it is extremely important for generating leads and capitalizing on today’s highly mobile market. Also, Social media related content promotion is likely to see exponential growth, be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or other leading social media related platforms 2019 is definitely going to see the growth in the usage of these platforms for prominent activities of online and web-based space.

A Rise in AdWords

Digital marketing is going to see a growth in marketing money spent on AdWords in 2019 compared to what was doled out in the past on online marketing. Search advertising revenue has been marching up and to the right since last few years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. To put it plainly, search ads work when you manage them well. If that is surprising, it’s time to get a PPC agency to re-evaluate your AdWords strategy. With the right planning, oversight, and optimization, your AdWords spend will become an ROI machine, and investing even more in 2019 will help produce productive results.

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