5 Tips for Successful Ruby On Rails Services Development

Are you learning to develop a modern and feature-rich web application? Being a web developer, it is always stressful to write code all the time to build a new web application. Fortunately, Ruby on rails makes it super easy for you to create a complicated application without even writing tough codes. It includes everything you need to build an interactive application – thanks to its easy-to-use features and friendly community.

But if you want to get the most out of this framework, then follow some simple yet effective tips while developing your web application. You can use the following tips and develop your application using the best Ruby on Rails services development platform such as Sumatosoft.

1. Don’t Focus Too Much Logic in The Controller:

Rails are built on MVC architecture which means it allows you to read and test the code in a breeze- thanks to its skinny controller. Instead of using logic, you can trust the framework and follow these practices while using the controller.

  • The logic for delivering the result based on request type such as XML, JSON, HTML, etc. or redirecting.
  • The logic for cookie and session handling.

2. Don’t focus much logic in the Model:

The main function of the Active Record Model is to discover and do Crud operations in the database. So, try not to focus more on the model while adding functionality like interfacing to external services or creating email notifications.

3. Keep checking your logs:

Ruby on rails developers already knows that in rails there is a lack of log files available in the production &development process. However, there are some developers who avoid the information in these files. If you want to reap the benefits of Ruby on Rails service development, then you need to keep a regular check on your logs throughout the development phase.

Many web developers ask questions on Quora related to the importance of keeping a close eye on logs. If you are also developing a web application using ruby on rails, then you should keep this tip in mind.

4. Backdrop Activities

Web developers usually embed third-party solutions into their projects through gems that call their APIs. This could hinder the entire process. To overlook this blocking of calls, it is good to make them as background tasks. Instead of directly calling these solutions, you can use them as the backdrop.

5. Some helpful Ruby on Rail Tips:

  • Database indexing is one of the easiest ways to boost the performance of the database. It will upgrade fetching data from the database.
  • All the powerful data which you are using in the views must be defined by the controller variables
  • Neglecting content tag in helpers, rather calling them in partials.
  • Rails generate by default one helper per controller. Eliminate all and make use of aspect-oriented helpers such as form helper, menu helper, etc.


These are some of the brilliant tips that will make your work easier while developing a web application on Ruby on Rails.

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