10 Most Common Web Designing Mistakes

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Are you planning to jump into the online business world and looking for an expert web designer who can create a fully functional and effective website for your business?

If your answer is yes, I would appreciate your idea and would like to tell you about 10 most common web designing mistakes that you must take care of.

Why do you think I am going to discuss them with you? Yes, to help you and to save you from investing in a non-functional website.

The purpose is to help your online business. Avoiding these mistakes will help you start your business with a website that will please your target audience and will be on the top of search engine search pages concurrently.

So, the visitors will consider your website worth spending time on that will provide you with more time to persuade them, and the search engines will promote your website in their search results that will bring more traffic to your website.

Unresponsive Website

Driving business via an unresponsive website is quite difficult because an unresponsive website is a mobile device unfriendly, and more than 60% people do online searches via their smartphones. So, if your website is unfriendly to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and phablets, then you will miss your target audience in large number.

What are the unresponsive websites? The websites that are designed considering the display of the desktops and laptops only are termed as unresponsive internet sites. Such websites do not open up well on the mobile devices.

If you want a website that loads well on every device, you need a responsive website.

Ask your web designer to develop a responsive website for your business.

The website loading speed on the browsers

When it comes to the website loading speed of your website on the internet browser, you should make it sure that it should not be more than 2-3 seconds. If the loading time of the website is more than 2-3 seconds, it will be overlooked by the search engines as well as your target audience. Search engines want to show the best results to their users, and the internet users have so many options available that they don’t like a website at all that takes an eternity to load.

Relevant visuals

You cannot upload inappropriate images on your website. If you want to grab the attention of the target audience via the images, then you can do this with the relevant images only. If the visuals speak something else and the content on the web page speak exact opposite or irrelevant, this will create a suspicion about your credibility. A company that lacks a credible website can’t be trusted for credible products!

So, pick up every visual correctly, or you may approach a web designer to create a custom visual for your specific needs.

Uploading the Stolen Content

Do not launch your website with stolen content. This will displease the search engines. Your website visitors will get a feeling that they already have read or seen this content somewhere (again credibility issue arises). The original content owner might sue you. So, publishing a stolen content cannot be recommended at any cost.

Instead of using the content of some other business, use the freshly prepared content. How you can convey your idea to your target audience, to know this, you can take ideas from the competitors’ websites but not copy them.

Putting Content Improperly

Even the best content becomes useless if that is not presented appropriately. Once you are done with the content, you should first make a strategy how to place the same on your website. The other option you have is you can write the content as per the designing of the website.

Headers, sidebars, and footers

Several people consider that heading, footer, and sidebar portions are for advertisement purposes. If you want to earn by showing the advertisements of other businesses as well, you can move ahead, but the advertisement must not be in high number. The advertisements should be in such a way that user should not face any trouble to get the content of your website. Instead of leaving these places for advertisement purposes, use them for making your website more navigational and user-friendly.


Navigation must be simple. It must be so easy that even the first time internet user is able to easily find whatever he was searching for on the internet. If he faces difficulties in finding what he is looking for, then your website is not ideal.

To make it easy to navigate, you can add a search tab to your website.

Disabling the Back Button

You cannot afford to disable the back button on your website. If you do this, believe me, nobody will spend any more minute on your website. How do you feel when you visit a website on which you see the back button is disabled and you wanted the information that was on the last page you visited? Of course, you will feel as if your session was wasted. The same will be the feelings of your target audience.

Contact us page

This is the most important page of any website. Many website owners don’t mention the physical address of their website but add a query form. This creates doubt in the mind of the website visitors. Suppose I run an e-commerce store in which I sell mobile phones, and you are looking for one. You have visited my website, you have liked one, but you don’t find the address of my office on it, will you trust me? Of course, not. So, do mention the physical address. To create more credibility about you among your target audience, you can add Google map showing your physical location.

Website Analytics

Do you know many business people do not know about the website analytics, so they have many useless web pages on their website, which do not help them in lead generation or conversion?

Website analytics aids you understand the behavior of people visiting your website. The tool will let you know which page they give more time and which they do not consider worth reading. This way, you will get an idea which website pages need improvement. The pages that need improvement you can improve them.

Avoiding these mistakes will help you develop an engaging website that will look good to your target audience as well as the search engines.

However, the quality of the website will completely depend on the expertise and creativity of your web designer. So, hire the best web designer for your website.

It would be better to do some online research to reach the best website designer.

Suppose you are in San Francisco then search for web design San Francisco on the search engine. Go through the websites shown in the search results, check reviews about them, and ask the company to show you some sample works. The company that appears you the best available choice, you can hire that for your need.

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