Ecommerce and Chatbots: What Does The Future Hold?

Chatbots is simply intelligent piece of technology or software that can communicate with humans. Making use of Natural Language Processing or NLP, this robot is able to understand the basics of human communication, and using a set of rules and artificial intelligence, actually able to communicate.

You can ask your Chatbots to book you a doctor’s appointment, order stuff online, and much more, by just having a little chat with it. Instead of browsing a website, it would be like walking into a store, talking to the shop representative, and getting things that easily.

Businesses, at least the really smart ones are quickly understanding how groundbreaking this software could be, and either have already or are in the process of making Chatbots an indispensable part of their business model. Ecommerce web development is without a doubt, looking forward to Chatbots becoming its integral part.

They’re New; and New Doesn’t Always Mean Bad!

Just like the Internet was a far-fetched concept once, or like mobile apps in the recent past were an object of skepticism of general public, so are Chatbots right now. People are still either learning about it, or are first time hearing about it; more so, there are a lot of people who are yet to even come across the term ‘chatbot’. But that in no way should make you doubt the unparalleled potential that this piece of technology.

Brands like Facebook have already made their move; it’s time your business gave this concept a chance too.

What’s So Amazing About Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

When we talk about Messenger Chatbots, we’re really talking about a reach of a billion or so users. This is the user base that has far surpassed even Facebook itself! Talking of eCommerce solutions, this is definitely the kind of audience that you would want your online business and mainly your product to get acquainted with. Not just a huge audience, but you’ll also get an easy-to-use platform to work on, and a Messenger representative to aid you any time of the day, 24/7.

What’s more awesome? The Messenger chatbot itself would be like a full-time employee working for you. Whether it’s building stronger customer relationships, or selling your product. Or just help your business’s client base with anything they need – you won’t need to ask your chatbot twice to be there at your service!

And just like you train any new employee joining your company, you will get to personalize and customize your Messenger chatbot. The way the chatbot interacts and corresponds with your customers -too casual, too formal, just a bit goofy, a little healthy sarcasm – whatever it is, however you want it to be – you will have it that way. Another great thing, a chatbot is intelligent enough to get a real person to talk to a customer, in case it doesn’t understand something. So, you wouldn’t need to worry about your chatbot taking the wrong decisions for you.

It goes without saying that your chatbot will also be able to broadcast messages to your customer base – messages such as letting the users know about the launch of a new product, an upcoming event or a sale, and such. Ecommerce website development today, hence, cannot be said to be fully done, unless you account for the inclusion of Chatbots!

In the world of eCommerce web development, everything is changing and getting more and more competitive by each passing day; a chatbot, especially a Messenger chatbot, therefore is a great way for businesses to keep up with the such a high pace of change.

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