Cost of Hiring Python Dedicated Developers? — In the USA & Globally

Can you guess what’s common between Google, Facebook, NASA, and Reddit?

Yes, they all are tech giants, but there’s another common thing between them all—

They all hire dedicated python developers! 

Python engineers are hired to write server-side web logic, including developing backend components and linking them to third-party servers. From gaming apps to data extracting programs, Python can create everything. Plus, with data science rise, Python’s popularity has extended farther.

According to Statistics, Python was the most used language among developers in 2020.  As of February 2021, Python is still the most popular language with a 30.06% of market share.

Whether you want to create an AI-powered app or a simple website, you just need to hire a dedicated Python developer. Today, you can also hire remote Python developers to kick off your project in no time.

But first, let’s check out how much does it cost to hire a Python developer in the USA and worldwide?

Cost of Hiring Python Developers in the USA? 

Evans Data Corporation reported that there were around 4.4 million software engineers in North America in 2019. Out of which, Python developers hold a significant position around all 50 states.

According to Indeed, Python engineers’ annual salary is around $120,511 in the US. The Python developer hiring cost in the USA depends upon — location, experience, and other languages.

Location-wise Python Developer Salary in the US 

The US demographics play a vital role in determining the average cost of hiring a Python developer. State-wise and city-wise, Python developers charges at different rates in the US. For example, Python engineers in New York’s average annual salary is $140,000 and $87,750 in Indiana. The difference is recorded due to the difference in living costs in both New York and Indiana.

To better tally, location-wise Python developers cost in the US, refer to the chart based on the latest data

Python Developers Cost
Experience is a great variable to determine the salary bar. Python developer’s salaries often depend on experience level, responsibility scale, and ability graphic. Based on experience, you can hire Python web developers for Experience-based Python Developer Salary in the US 

  • Average $74,435 per annual for a Junior Python developer.
  • The Middle Python developer’s annual salary is $100,826.
  • Senior Python developer makes around $127,217 per year.

Comparison to Other Programming Languages

 Python is on the rise and growing at an extraordinary rate. However, that’s doesn’t mean other programming languages aren’t running in the race. Developers skilled in other programming languages are also making great money in the states. The average salary of other programmers in the US as per PayScale:

  • Perl Developer – $121,428
  • Ruby on Rails Developer – $107,413
  • JavaScript Developers – $107,544
  • .NET Developer – $93,110
  • PHP Developer – $85,578
  • Java Developer – $73,994
  • C++ Developer – $71,677

Cost of Hiring Python Developers Around the Globe? 

Thanks to the virtual work environment, you can now hire remote Python developers from anywhere. The cost of hiring remote Python engineers also primarily depends upon the location, experience, and other languages.

Location-wise Python Developer Salary Worldwide 

After analyzing different reports, the following average global Python developers’ salary statistics are drawn.

Python Developers Salary
IT education difference is shocking! Take the US and Ukraine Python developer salary statistics for an example. A Python developer in the US roughly makes $120,511. On the contrary, Python developers in Ukraine averagely earn $45,000 yearly. The difference can be shown due to various reasons like:

  • Cost of living
  • Economic growth, etc.

Experience-based Python Developer Salary Worldwide 

While determining the cost of hiring a Python developer, experience and skillsets play a vital role. It is common knowledge that experienced Python developers charge more despite their location.

Let’s take Netherlands’ and Denmark’s Python developers for an example. The average salary for a Python developer in the Netherlands is £37,140 ($40,094). Based on the experience level:

  • Junior Python developer in the Netherlands earns £30,000 ($32,389).
  • Middle Python developer in the Netherlands makes £50,000 ($53,977).
  • Senior Python developer in the Netherlands earns £70,000 ($75,568).

Now, a software developer in Denmark makes around $70,000 per year. Python developers’ salary based on experience in Denmark:

  • Junior Python developer in Denmark earns kr30,446 ($30,625).
  • Middle Python developer in Denmark makes kr44,079 ($432,436).
  • Senior Python developer in Denmark earns kr600,537 ($61,214).

Comparison to Other Programming Languages 

Today, you can easily hire different types of remote developers. From Java developers to Python developers, you can easily skilled software engineers suiting your project requirements. The average salary of other programmers worldwide is as:

Where to Hire Dedicated Python Developers? 

Python is now used to create AI, data science, robotics, and other advanced projects worldwide. The easy-to-use and adapt capabilities of Python are further boosting its popularity. Therefore, finding experienced Python developers is getting challenging.

Now, you can hire a developer for two weeks free trial and quickly onboard experienced Python engineers to your team.

So, now you know how much it cost to hire a Python developer in the US and worldwide. Don’t wait up any longer, and get your Python project rolling now!

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