Android Vs iOS Compare

There is always a tough battle between Android and iOS platforms when it comes to buying a new smartphone. It is always difficult to make a decision because both mobile platforms have their respective pros and cons.

The comparison between the two has always baffled the end customers due to the features, functionality, and other advanced enhancements. If you are one of those confused consumers, then let’s have a comparison between Android and iOS to help you choose the best option:

1. Hardware Specifications

Whether it is an Android or iOS phone, Hardware specifications always play a vital role in determining its functionality and other key features.

When it comes to iOS devices, it takes pride in controlling both the hardware and software specifications. On the other hand, Android has multiple manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Motorola,etc. There you can find multiple reputed manufacturers of Android devices that vary in sizes, styles, shapes, weight, and quality.

While high-quality Android phones compete with the iPhones, cheap smartphones clearly lose control over hardware. In fact, there are multiple features both in Android and iOS devices.

2. OS Compatibility

No matter what type of mobile device you are using, having the latest operating system installed on your phone is the most important aspect.

This is where Apple clearly wins. iOS devices keep on updating the latest operating systems at regular intervals whereas Android devices lack it.

There is one more point that takes to you a bit closer towards the iPhone devices. It’s because Apple devices provide support to its old phones while the Android ones don’t get any sort of support.

3. Applications

Mobile applications or apps have been one of the major crucial factors when it comes to buying a perfect smartphone. Here, undoubtedly, Google Play Store beats Apple app Store because they have a wide range of applications for different Android devices.

Though the Apple app store has a relatively less number of apps, they stand 100 % true to their quality. This is because the App Store has strict benchmarks that allow you to get the best out of your choice without compromising on their quality.


Well, it is completely up to you! Whether you want to buy a more compatible, reliable, and expensive mobile device or want to go with style, design, and diverse features. Whatever you choose: Android or iOS, make sure you read all the specifications and features before making the final decision.

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