What is the Difference Between ChatGPT and Google BERT?

AI or artificial intelligence is getting bigger and better with each passing year. ChatGPT and BERT are the two most powerful tools in the AI world.

Bert is a robust AI model developed by Google in 2018, while ChatGPT is a robust AI model developed by OpenAI in 2022. Both have the same purpose- to assist users with precise prompts and help them provide real-time answers and solutions in the form of human-like conversation.

However, both come with great differences that you can discover below in this guide.

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Difference Between ChatGPT and Google BERT

  1. Architecture

ChatGPT: This AI platform uses an autoregressive architecture. It means it can predict the next word in a sequence based on the previous words. This makes ChatGPT adept at creating unique text formats and continuing conversations in the most organic way- the way humans do.

Bert: It includes a bidirectional transformer architecture to analyze the sequence of words- using left and right context. This initiates a better understanding of the meaning of language.

  1. Focus

ChatGPT: It usually focuses on language generation tasks, such as creating dialogues, creative writing, and coding. The best part is that it works wonders in generating fluent, informative, and engaging texts.

Bert: It focuses on language understanding tasks such as question answering sentiment analysis, and entity recognition. The platform focuses more on accuracy and comprehension than creative texting.

  1. Applications:

ChatGPT: It is used in chatbots, virtual assistants, creative writing tools, and generating realistic dialogue for games and simulations.

BERT: It is commonly used in search engines, recommendation systems, summarization tools, and various NLP tasks that require a deep understanding of text.

  1. Strengths:

ChatGPT: This powerful AI platform is based on key features and functionalities, such as fluency, creativity, and conversational ability.

BERT: On the other hand, Bert powered by Google has strong benefits that support accuracy, comprehension, and context awareness.

  1. Weaknesses:

ChatGPT: It can be factually inaccurate, and prone to generating biased or harmful content.

BERT: Believe it or not! Bert is less skilled at creative tasks like generating realistic dialogue or open-ended writing.


ChatGPT and BERT have revolutionized the digital world today. Both are applicable AI models used to perform multiple NLP tasks. Both are developed on top of transformers but ChatGPT uses generative transformers while BERT relies on bidirectional transformers- making them different AI tools. Both are useful depending on your specific needs. You can choose what suits you the best and make the most out of it.

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