Manufacturers Take On The Challenge Of Data Security

The relationship between manufacturing and the world of digital applications is changing quickly and it can be hard for the leaders in management positions to keep up with those changes. The requirement to maximize productivity while keeping a balance between security and growth presents itself as a difficult task for many IT managers, compliance officers, CIO’s, and CSIO’s.

It’s not surprising that manufacturing companies are so concerned with the changing landscape of user access and permissions, not to mention the security and compliance tasks that they must address. Businesses must come up with a solid plan to stay sharp when it comes to the important job of digital security. Without a fail-safe plan, manufacturing companies could have a data breach that could cost the company millions.

Manufacturers can overcome the problem of third-party access by designing a system that keeps track and gives applications access only when needed. With so many third parties involved in the supply chain it’s easy to see how a security breach can happen. Companies need to put a gatekeeper in place to ensure access is only granted if necessary.

Keeping track of credentials is another serious issue. Data is often breached when proper credentialing is left by the wayside; they can also be stolen or not strong enough to keep cyber attacks at bay. Loss of intellectual property due to cybercriminals can cost a manufacturer more than money because they may be liable for losses to a supplier or other business partner.

Understanding how to balance the need for better technology compared to the cost of new applications and user access can be tricky. Manufacturers can’t compete without these upgrades but they need to know how to budget money for the technology that they desperately need. Managing your staff’s needs for IT support is also costly; there are increased costs related to employees needing passwords reset or identity verification.

The forward-thinking digital geniuses at OneLogin have created the solution to the problems of applications access on a widespread basis. Employees can use their single sign on (SSO) and multifactor authentication (MFA) process to gain easy access to the apps they need. The SSO and MFA provide extra layers of security that stop hackers before they can access important company data.

OneLogin developed the single sign on and multifactor authentication to help streamline the login process for businesses around the world. Their products help save companies money by protecting them from costly data breaches and helps to increase productivity. Employees can use the single sign on to gain access to the cloud, their smartphone, and computers. They no longer must remember different passwords, which cuts down on call to the IT department for a reset. The experts at OneLogin strive to develop products that keep your company safe.

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