3 Ways That IoT Technology will Change the Future of Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase that describes the communication and network between numerous Internet-enabled devices. Throughout the day these devices collect an array of information via Bluetooth, WiFi, and beacon technology and feed that information to The Cloud.

As more individuals adopt the use of IoT technology throughout their daily lives, these devices will continue to collect more data in numerous ways. This information will enable people to improve their lives and reach their goals, and that same data will be utilized by businesses to understand and market to their customers in new and exciting ways.

Everything from how companies produce their products and goods, to how marketers craft messaging for the unique needs of their audience. Everything about marketing will change as IoT technology continues to evolve and become integrated into the lives of our everyday lives.

These devices will reside in our houses as smart appliances, including ovens, thermostats, and smart TV’s to mention a couple. What’s more, IoT will be quite helpful in the advertising industry for monitoring the purchase funnel, customer location consciousness, customized targeting, plus even more.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 best ways that IoT technology will change the future of marketing!

1. Right Customer, Right Message, The Right Time

The goal of marketing is to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time to increase the chances of a conversion. This is only possible if marketers have the ability to understand who their customers are and what their needs are at a moment’s notice.

Modern technology is used in a way that attempts to mimic this approach to proactive marketing. Google and Amazon use massive amounts of data and process that data to provide predictive online marketing content for their customers. This type of marketing has its limitations, but IoT technology will allow companies to gather personalized information and develop customized marketing messages for their audience on an individual basis.

The ultimate goal of IoT technology in marketing is to deliver only those advertisements which are completely aligned with our purchasing behaviors and interests. IoT is currently shifting advertising, client experience, and companies as a whole.

2. Understanding What The Client Needs Before They Ask

More connected devices mean that marketers will have a new level of information to comb through when analyzing the buying patterns and behaviors of their customers. Overlaying information from different sources like personal sleep trackers, blood sugar levels, and even home devices will help marketers build a complete narrative to increase engagement and boost conversion across all aspects of their marketing strategy.

Even though this is sometimes overwhelming, predictive analytics may offer insight into the buyer’s journey and choose points round the revenue lifecycle, which may help companies build stronger, more profitable client relationships. Gaining deeper comprehension will help companies in everything from developing a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy to understanding their target audience to improve their product and service.

As information from connected devices and solutions helps companies predict customer needs, marketers will also need to think about security for that data. IoT makes it simple for businesses to remotely track stock, monitor traditional things, and automate reordering and delivery programs, ensuring smooth service for clients and increased profitability for vending companies.

3. IoT Technology Will Deliver Messaging Regardless Of Location

Today, marketers rely on passive engagement from their customers. This means that most marketing material is only provided to an audience when they are sitting on the couch watching T.V., or looking at specific platforms like Facebook or websites. This approach has its limitations, but IoT technology will allow marketers to deliver their marketing message at any time throughout the day.

The biggest step for this adjustment with IoT technology is the introduction of autonomous cars to our city streets. As self-driving technology is adopted, we will see more marketers crafting their message with engaging content that can be consumed while their audience commutes to work each day.

This interactive content will be personalized and provide a deeper experience that individual customers can consume. IoT technology will help marketers engage with their clients in new and interesting ways that will help businesses increase revenue and drive conversions.

Forward-looking marketers should think about how their section can start creating a connected ecosystem of customers, products, and entrepreneurs who may interact in real time utilizing IoT technology.

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