5 Reasons Mobile Apps Are Better Than Mobile Websites

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At present, the global mobile population stands at a whopping 4 billion mark worldwide. Which roughly means, every second person on this planet is using a phone or smartphone. That’s why mobile apps are growing in usage and their number is rising at a phenomenal rate over the years. However, many businesses are still not sure whether to stick with websites or switch to mobile apps to target potential customers and realize their true potential in the market. Some companies are having both but then if you were to choose one, mobile apps would be a better option for various reasons.

Here are some reasons why mobile apps are better than mobile websites –

1. User Preferences

Users can’t get enough of apps. From shopping to booking tickets, apps are being used for every purpose. People seem to be loving apps so much that they are relying on them for every imaginable task at hand. Naturally, when customers prefer apps over mobile websites, businesses are bound to head where the potential is. Brands focussed on customer acquisition and ROI must trust mobile apps to realize their targets easily.

2. Personalization Potential

Mobile websites simply can’t match the personalization capability that is offered by apps. They also can’t use a device’s native features to offer customers a tailored and intuitive user experience (UX). Similarly, apps are developed in a way to draw data on the location, preferences, habits, tastes and use patterns of customers to help in tracking and analysis of user behavior. This is how apps can help the business provide custom updates and recommendations to customers.

3. Great for e-commerce

When it comes to e-commerce, mobile apps clearly have an edge over mobile websites and that too, by a big margin. Brands trust apps for closing deals with prospects and grabbing leads in a superior way. what’s more, apps have three-times better conversion rates compared to mobile sites which show their effectiveness from an e-commerce point of view. Apps not only save user’s data but also ensure ease with checkouts and deliver fast loading times.

4. Easier Communication

Apps are a superior communication platform that mobile websites. Plus, their open and click rates are always on the up, unlike sites who are experiencing decline on this front. What’s more, most apps do come integrated with push and in-app messages which are deemed friendly to users. Brands can leverage mobile apps to interact with their customers easily quickly and in a less intrusive way. And don’t forget, they have push notifications as well.

5. Offline Functionality

Apps can function offline while mobile websites can’t, at least most basic functions of apps can be used even without an internet connection. Which means, brands don’t need the web to reach out to their target audience and yes, the app icon is always there on the desktop doing it bits in brand building. With so much going in favor of apps, it’s better to consult top mobile app development companies and get created one for your business.

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