Versum Salon and Spa Software

Business owners have to be up-to-date with their customers in order to be successful and this also applies to the hair & beauty industry. As consumers are becoming more and more tech-reliant, their needs grow and they expect their favorite beauty businesses to adapt as well. Clients want to book quickly, be reminded of their appointments on time, read reviews and be offered top-notch customer service. Without the right solution, this can be a challenge.

Streamline all of your work and ensure high customer satisfaction with Versum, salon and spa software.

Do Salon Systems Really Live up to Their Hype?

When comparing a salon system to a paper notebook, it’s clear which option is more advantageous for salon owners, however, no two salon software is the same. When choosing a software perfect for your business, there’s no need to look beyond Versum.

Marketing on Cruise Control

Like any business owner, staying in touch with your clients is a must. Versum has the features you need to promote new services, products, and offers, all with just the click of a button. Send text or email newsletters to all of your clients, or to a select group. Better yet, launch a loyalty program and marketing automation campaign.

The loyalty program encourages customers to book services and purchase products while marketing automation focuses on keeping clients tied to your business.

Manage Your Salon, Not Your Paper Book

Business owners are all too familiar with the phrase “time is money”, which is more relevant today than ever before. Clients come in for a treatment and want to be in and out in the blink of an eye while being provided excellent customer service and invited for another visit.

Versum’s dedicated client record keeping feature has everything you need to know about your clients – from allergies to favorite services, products, before and after pictures and much more.

Once the client checks out, your Versum system sends them an automatic review request, along with a text/email invitation for another visit. They can even include requests and additional information in the online booking panel.

Know Your Numbers

Besides managing client data, Versum has a section devoted to generating reports. Everything from staff management, commissions, tipping and work time reports, to revenue, service popularity, inventory levels and gift cards.

Best of all, you can print your reports, download and secure them. Your data is safely stored in the cloud – if your computer stops functioning, you can simply log in to your Versum account from another device, without losing your work.

Versum is a pay as you go service – no contracts and hidden fees. Pricing is based on the number of staff calendar slots needed. Plans start at just £19 a month.

The Versum Toolbox

All the tools you need to stay in touch with salon clients, and manage inventory, bookings, staff, and statistics can be found in Versum – scheduling software.

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