Top 10 Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

There is no denying the fact success of any organization depends on their customer service and support. For many businesses in today’s world, IT professionals have to be both socially active and technology savvy to establish a strong relationship with clients and customers. If you want to maintain your customer retention rate, you have to focus on resolving their queries and doubts at any time.

That’s one of the main reasons why companies are hiring help desk outsourcing service providers who can reduce their stress and address the IT issues of employees and customers on their behalf. A help desk is a resource that is designed to provide the internal user or customer with information and support related to the services, processes, products and other key aspects of the company. The aim of a help desk is to offer a centralized resource to answer questions, resolve your queries and facilitate solutions to the problems.

Today, we brought you the list of help desk outsourcing service providers that will strengthen your internal customer support system and let you focus on building a stronger brand image in this stiff business market.

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1. ScienceSoft


  • ScienceSoft is an international IT company with 30 years on the market.  Since 2007, ScienceSoft has been providing help desk and software support services.
  • The company has experience in establishing multitier L1-L3 support and is ready to adjust its support services to every user category, from beginners to experts, and tackle even complex issues that need investigation and fixes on the code level.
  • ScienceSoft offers its services to companies across such industries as healthcare, retail, banking, manufacturing, telecoms, IT and more.

2. Zendesk


  • The company specializes in building a high-class call center, help desk and live chat software tools for its clients across the world. Zendesk aims at providing the best customer experiences to let businesses meet their customer’s needs in a breeze.
  • The company provides the best customer interaction across phone, social media, email, and other channels so that you can resolve your client’s queries with ease. The help desk tool provides advanced features like 360-degree feedback, Analytics, call reporting, etc.
  • They can integrate highly-advanced Help Desk features including Alerts / Escalation, customizable Branding, interaction tracking options to help you get more customers.

3. EngageBay


  • EngageBay is a cost-effective help desk software and ticketing system made especially for SMBs, startups, solopreneurs, freelancers, firms, and agencies. Though EngageBay is a new entrant in the SaaS sphere, it is loved by over 30,000 businesses globally.
  • EngageBay focuses on offering marketing, sales, and customer support around a single view of your customers, thus eliminating the need for multiple applications and platforms for different business processes. 
  • The platform offers a traditional ticketing system, ticket groups, ticket prioritization using Intelligent Views, service-level agreements, smart workflows, ticket labeling, canned responses, insightful reports, and a plethora of integrations.

4. Freshdesk

  • With great expertise and quality services, Freshdesk has become one of the trusted and reliable help desk service providers across the globe.
  • The company takes pride in building feature-rich, intuitive and affordable helpdesk software to let your business grow by resolving your customer’s issues and queries. The features of customer support software are Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Real-Time Chat, Self Service Portal.
  • They hold years of experience in delivering 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee. Freshdesk has some of the valuable customers like HONDA, HP, GOODREADS AZIMO, etc.

5. Zoho Desk

  • Zoho Desk is one of the reputed service providers. Zoho Desk takes pride in offering a complete range of Sales & Marketing, job-specific apps & Help desk software tools to their clients across the industry.
  • The Company creates new & great Help Desk software tools, offering advanced features like Knowledge-Based Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Customizable Branding, they can help you in fulfilling your needs at the most affordable price.
  • Zoho Desk has some of the prestigious customers like NHS, RENAULT-NISSAN, DAIMLER, JAGUAR, etc.

6. ServiceDesk Plus

  • Service Desk Plus has been serving a diverse customer base across the world. The company has got expertise in Asset Management Software with the same dedication and endurance.
  • Being a certified company, they have around 18 years of experience in their specific field.
  • They can integrate highly-leading Help Desk features including Automated Routing, Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Multi-Channel Communication

7. Vision Helpdesk


  • The company has established itself as one of the most trusted Help Desk companies that specialize in offering professional services and customer support software to clients across the globe.
  • They have unique Help Desk online tools, featuring IT Asset Management, Document Storage, Email Integration, etc.
  • The company has some of the prestigious clients like Invest India, Baroda Mutual Fund, Muthoot Group, etc.

8. Helpdesk.

  • HelpDesk aims at offering world-class startups solutions to their global industry.
  • The Company provides great & highly advance features like Ticket Management, Automated Routing, Multi-Channel Communication, Email Integration, etc.
  • The helpdesk has some of the valuable clients by Hardwaresource, IGGSOFTWARE, ACHIEVECE, etc.

9. Mint Service Desk

  • This is the best & powerful helpdesk company situated in the heart of Poland. Founded back in 1990
  • You can enjoy a lot of features like top-quality service, new-age technologies like Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Real-time Chat, Knowledge Base Management, etc.
  • The company believes in building trustworthy relationships with their clients by providing services like the flexible assets, management structure – ticketing system, etc.

10. Teamwork

  • Teamwork Company is one of the leading Help Desk service providers that specialize in creating customer-centric helpdesk software that lets you put people first.
  • The Company builds powerful innovative Help Desk software that comes with key features like Email Integration, Document Storage, Customizable Branding, Real-time Chat, etc.


These are the 10 most reliable Help Desk outsourcing companies that build advanced, intuitive and feature-rich customer support software to meet the specific needs of their clients and customers.

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