Why Magento is the Perfect Choice for eCommerce Store Development?

In the last few years E-commerce industry has seen huge growth and most of the business operating in the traditional way is switching to online operations. However, with multiple platforms available for store development, it becomes very difficult for the merchants to select one. But for most of the store owners, Magento is the prime consideration for an e-commerce project. Let’s check some important facts to understand why Magento is referred by experts as an E-commerce giant.

1. Open Source

Magento is an open-source platform released and built using PHP language. By using the latest technologies, Magento offers several distinct benefits over its competitors. The platform has an adaptable structure and can be customized as per the business requirement to exactly fit in the project requirements. With open-source nature, the platform ensures a robust performance and advanced security for store owners and developers. Magento is the only open-source code platform that offers original code to the developers at free cost. Hence, a developer and store owner can apply for important extensions and modify entities as per requirement. This is one of the biggest reasons for Magento incredible success.

2. Designed for E-commerce

These days to survive in the competition all major CMS’s like Drupal and WordPress offer E-commerce features. But the feature they provide is not specific to online store only. While on the other hand, Magento offers a better experience to both the developers and store administrators. The buyers also get a great experience while shopping. Over the years, Magento has transformed into a perfect E-commerce solution that by default contains all the essential tools required to build an online web store.

3. Magento Community

Magento Community

When a CMS is open-source, there is a community also present. Since Magento is a renowned open-source platform, a huge community is always present to backup. Store owners, merchants, developers, agencies, consultants, designers, tech giants, and end-users comprise to from the Magento community. The community ensures that the CMS platform remains updated, fast, trustworthy, secure and free from the errors. The community offers personalization to every newcomer like at home.

4. Hassle-Free Hosting

Unlike other CMS’s, Magento provides liberty to choose the hosting solution of their choice. This way a developer can select the best hosting solution as per their requirements and budget. Similarly, migration of store is very simple, there are no limitations on when and where to host the store.

5. Mobile Responsive Design

With the advancement of mobile usage, most people prefer buying and browsing online stores via mobile devices. Over 60% of internet traffic an E-commerce store drives is through mobile devices. The mobile devices are rapidly growing in the E-commerce transactions and in a few years, it will surpass desktop devices. Keeping all these stats in mind, Magento incorporates HTML5 features, ensuring the store has a mobile responsive design that caters every user requirement. In addition, this CMS offers features like Griding, image scaling, gesture, drag-and-drop, and AV capabilities.

6. Third-Party Integration

Third-party components like plugins and extensions ease out the burden of store owners and developers. It provides limitless and free integration of third-party extensions to uplift the store performance and shortening the development and deployment time. The important thing is that several components are free to avail. Others are available for a few bucks. With the extensible API feature in Magento, any application or plugin can be connected without any trouble. Whether it’s a payment gateway, analytics tool, or the shipping tracker, you only have to spend time to find the perfect extension to integrate into your store.

7. Easy Customization

Every brand has its own store design conventions. What seems perfect for fashion may not work for an electronics retailer. Likewise, size, the scale of business, customer support, billing, and delivery options pose numerous challenges for the store owners. To address this situation, Magento is a perfect solution as it is highly customizable allowing the development of incredible frontend user experiences. Editing of layouts and templates is very simple. The backend can also be redesigned to satisfy business needs by modifying the code, events, and grids. One of the important points of all Magento users is the availability of a huge marketplace of extensions. A wide collection of extensions are available to extend and customize stores functionality.

8. MultiStore

Several E-commerce platforms allow only a single store. But with Magento, multiple stores can be set up as well as managed through a single admin. You can manage store inventory, billing, customer information, orders, using a single admin panel. Each store can be designed on a different theme and template as per the requirement. You can also set up a subdomain for different stores. The ease of managing all the stores simultaneously from a single admin panel simplifies the administration of multi-stores.

This open-source platform, apart from having rich features, provides flexibility to manage the content, layout, and functionality of an online store. Magento will provide you perfect solution with a strong blend of scalable design and support network.

Magento Versions:

  • Magento Community
  • Magento Enterprise
  • Magento Go

The most renowned one is the Community Edition which is open source and has the largest developer community for E-commerce platforms. There are several companies present which work perfectly with both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise edition as per the clients’ needs. Both versions provide different features and advantages to store developers.

Additional Reasons To Select Magento

  • Well-organized Backend
  • Simple Shopping cart to update
  • Perfect default template
  • Modules having unique capabilities
  • An ever-growing list of extensions
  • Simple dashboard for admin
  • SEO Optimized
  • E-commerce Specific
  • Customer-centric shopping facility
  • Cross-browser support
  • Safe, secure payment mode
  • Multilingual and multi-currency functionality
  • Quick checkout service

Magento has several features to offer and it has been the perfect choice for most of the E-commerce web design company. It performs very well across phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets as well as manages customers’ financial information.

Wrapping Up:

Well, this is all about the Magento CMS. It provides business enterprises with a platform to serve their customers through online mode. And seriously, it offers the best in terms of community support, plug-ins, extensions, and functionalities. Magento and e-commerce seem like made for each other. Magneto provides a wide range of functionalities helping developers to build the perfect store for their business clients. The tools clear the troubles of displaying products, discounts, and online transactions are a few areas where it outperforms the other CMS’s available in the market. But keep in mind that this CMS is not a plug and play online store solution. It requires a sort of development and store optimization from developers to drive sales.

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