WordPress 5.0 is Here – A Quick Look Up

The most awaited WordPress new update – WordPress 5.0 is finally out. It is the biggest update in the history of WordPress and is going is to change the way you do everything on the platform.

What is WordPress 5.0 – A Glimpse of WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 is the latest updates of WordPress CMS platform. It is probably easier to think WordPress 5.0 as a complete overhaul of the system, rather than just an update. WordPress 5.0 is an opportunity for the business owners to give their website update that enhances their performance and improves digital marketing efforts.

The main feature is the WordPress editor- Gutenberg. It is a new block-based content editor for posts and pages. It was started by Matt Mullenweg and since then it is used as a separate plugin.

It allows users to completely build a page layout without having code knowledge. Gutenberg allows users to build content with different blocks which you can drop where you want and edit them individually from text size, type and much more.

Gutenberg is a complete redesign and re-imagination of the WordPress editor and is very unique in comparison to the previously released versions of WordPress.

Features of Gutenberg

  • It has built-in buttons which can be dragged and dropped anywhere inside the post.
  • It consists of Word and blocks count.
  • Have a separate block to embed social profiles.

WordPress 5.0 Features

WordPress 5.0 supports the PHP version 7.3. Let’s find out what’s new in the latest update of WordPress- WordPress 5.0

  • Through this feature, different default editor font can be selected for different locale.
  • When the preview button is clicked, a complete draft of the post is saved.
  • It has localized date-time-picker component.
  • When the preview button is clicked, all the meta boxes are saved.

1. Front End Editor

Most of the WordPressers use front-end editors. With WordPress 5.0, users can take advantage of the lightweight built-in front-end editor. It has great customization functionality and advanced features.

2. Enhanced Mobile Optimization

WordPress Community has emphasized on improving the mobile experience of the users with WordPress 5.0. The new Twenty Nineteen theme is highly and all the previous themes are made responsive as well. This improves the page load speed and ensures higher SERP of the websites.

3. Security Updates

The WordPress security has always been very crucial for the community. SO, the WordPress core team is actively working on the continuing improving the security. The community recommends using the hosting services which offer SSL certificates and two-factor authentication.

Twenty Nineteen – A New Default WordPress Theme

Twenty Nineteen is a lightweight theme and has a modern look which is suitable for professional blogs and websites. It is highly responsive and can be customized by users as per their requirements.

It is versatile and minimalist WordPress theme which is used to start a blog or website. Twenty Nineteen is compatible with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg. It gives you the freedom to experiment on new page layouts for your WordPress posts and pages.

What to Expect from WordPress 5.0?

WordPress 5.0 is released with the pretty major changes. The biggest one is the block-based editor. Here are some significant changes that make WordPress 5.0, a very interesting upgrade.

  • With WordPress 5.0, the building of the custom themes becomes easier. Earlier, you need a simple background to put a WordPress theme. With Gutenberg, the theme creation becomes much more accessible.
  • By improving the WordPress’ site building functionality, the WordPress core team aims to hold the market share against the rise of hosted website builders.
  • The WordPress Rest API helps the developers to create more feature-rich products by easily sending and receiving data from your website.

How to get the most out of WordPress 5.0?

The block-based editor is the biggest change in WordPress 5.0, so you need to be familiar with the basics of how to work with this new feature of WordPress 5.0.

Although the editor is very straightforward, you can work easier as per your requirements yourself by checking the cheat sheet for WordPress 5.0.

Important Points to Know about WordPress 5.0

When you make a WordPress update of existing WordPress with the WordPress 5.0, there could be an integration issue. To minimize the risk of integration problems, check what you need to do.

  • Test the WordPress 5.0 plugin: WordPress has a Gutenberg plugin. Before you install it, test it out. Give your client the chance to get familiar with the plugin after the release of WordPress 5.0.
  • Install the classic editor plugin: To restore the existing editor, you can use the classic editor plugin.
  • Create a staging website to test update: To avoid problems, create a website on the local server, so you can update this and test for any issue. Create a copy of your existing website and test the update. Leave the live version of each website untouched until you are ready to go live.
  • Assess your themes: If your existing theme is not updated, then it’s a good idea to switch to a new theme that is committed to Gutenberg. They may also mean redesigning your website.
  • Assess your plugins: This is a potential problem area; there is no guarantee that every plugin you use is updated for Gutenberg compatibility. Asses your plugins, check for issues and decide for any changes required.

Make sure you don’t face any critical error during the update; this is the most important point to be kept in mind while updating WordPress 5.0.

What are your views on the newly released version of WordPress? Is this new block based content editor allows more custom content design than previous WordPress versions?

Yes! The WordPress 5.0 will surely solve all issues. WordPress 5.0 is undoubtedly a major update. It is just released and many features and options will continue to evolve in the coming days. Keep learning about the Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 and adapt quickly for the best solutions.

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