Why And How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

Nowadays, it’s normal for one individual to run a few WordPress sites. While it is not difficult to set up sites utilizing the platform, it can be exceptionally tedious to keep up them in the event that you have more than one websites.

Luckily, there are a lot of approaches to make the way toward running multiple WordPress sites considerably more straightforward. You can utilize third-party platforms like ManageWP, plugins like MainWP, and furthermore streamline the procedure manually. You should simply pick the technique that suits you best (which is something we can enable you to decide).

In this article, we will discuss why you’d need to work multiple WordPress sites, at that point we’ll acquaint you with three approaches to do it effectively. How about we begin!

Why You’d Want to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

The response to this inquiry is straightforward – your plans are greater than what one site can plausibly deal with. Notwithstanding you’re thinking, running various WordPress locales isn’t strange. Here are two cases of circumstances where you’d need to utilize more than one WordPress sites:

You have multiple projects: On the off chance that you have an online business and an individual blog, it doesn’t bode well to blend them into one web page. This is an exemplary case of a circumstance where you require various WordPress setups.

You’re an affiliate advertiser focusing on different niches: Just a couple of affiliate marketers become showbiz royalty with a solitary site. A ton of them makes their wages off the back of multiple ones, which implies greater administration work.

There are, obviously, more circumstances where multiple websites would be required. In case you’re right now squandering excessively time bouncing between sites just to ensure everything up to date, you certainly should investigate the three techniques underneath.

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

All through each of these segments, we’ll give you cases of tools and administrations you can utilize. At that point, we’ll enable you to make sense of which approach would be best for you.

Utilize a Third-Party Service  

There are a few third party administrations that empower you to connect your WordPress sites to a solitary administrative dashboard. A few people might be careful about utilizing an outside tool to enable them to run their WordPress sites, yet this choice is not without its points of advantages. For instance, a great deal of these administrations offer premium highlights you won’t discover in WordPress, and also a smooth interface. How about we go more than two of your alternatives:


This arrangement is a famous WordPress administration tool that has been around for a couple of years now. It’s anything but easy to set up, easy to utilize, and has an abundance of usefulness inside its dashboard.


This administration offers both premium and free alternatives. It’s a capable management tool with huge amounts of choices, though somewhat hard to set up.

With the greater part of these platforms, you should simply signup, connect your destinations to them by giving your login qualifications, and you’re good to go. To the extent when to utilize these services, they make an extraordinary alternative in case you’re running a huge number (more than 5) of locales since they regularly accompany access to support groups.

Utilize a Plugin  

Before we go any further, it’s vital to comprehend there’s a touch of cover between this technique and the last one. Practically speaking, the majority of these tools carry on nevertheless. The main contrast is that some require your certifications to utilize them, while others utilize plugins to link your websites. In this segment, we’ll discuss the last mentioned.

This approach has a tendency to require more work to set up, however, it’s regularly less expensive since you can discover effective plugins to deal with your sites for free. We should quickly talk about two unique cases:


This plugin empowers you to assign one WordPress site as your center point of operations. The upside is you’ll have the capacity to run your sites utilizing a similar dashboard you know and love, just with more highlights.

iThemes Sync

While this arrangement is somewhat ailing in features, it can deal with the fundamentals, for example, your sites updates, backups, and content needs. Alternate devices we’ve secured so far do significantly more, however, the stellar interface is a genuine feature.

In both of these cases, you’ll have to introduce a ‘linking’ plugin on each of your sites, which associates them to the fundamental dashboard, at that point counsel their individual documentation for tips on the best way to utilize them. As we would see it, this approach bodes well in case you’re on a financial plan or you’re encountered enough utilizing WordPress that you can work out crimps without anyone else.

Do It Manually

To wrap things up, you can simply depend on the manual approach with regards to dealing with numerous WordPress sites. For this situation, the advantages are very direct – you won’t have to set up any extra tool or pay for a third-party service. There are two approaches:

Utilize WordPress Multisite: The stage offers an inherent administration framework for individuals who run a few sites. It’s not as showy as any of the apparatuses we’ve secured up to this point, and its choices are restricted, yet it’s sufficient on the off chance that you simply need an elevated perspective of your properties.

Refresh and your sites one by one: Normally, this alternative means more work for you. Be that as it may, in case you’re just taking care of a few sites, it likely doesn’t bode well to figure out how to utilize another tool.

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