Best CRM Software Tools: Top 5 CRM Software Companies 2022

Maintaining a strong relationship with customers helps businesses generate higher conversion rates. Apart from launching new products, make sure you manage customer relationships in an effective manner. This will help you generate more revenues with ease.

If you are facing difficulties in managing a huge customer base, use fully-featured CRM Software products. The Customer Relations Management Software has been creating a lot of buzz in the IT industry across the world. This online tool makes it easy and affordable for all types and sizes of businesses to keep customers happy, satisfied and engaged.

Here is the list of the 5 best CRM software companies that promise to give you the best experience when it comes to managing customers worldwide.

Best CRM Software Tools: Top 5 CRM Software Companies 2022

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Zoho CRM

Zoho is the top-rated CRM Software Company, offering an affordable and simple online tool to help businesses manage their customers with ease. The company has a huge client base of 250,000 businesses across 180 countries. You can also install this software and generate leads in a quick and effective manner.

From creating a customized user interface to sales force automation, Zoho CRM brings the best when it comes to managing customer relationships. The best part is that you can edit the interface without writing a single code.

It is a fully-featured tool that brings your sales, customer support, and marketing activities to streamline the process. Apart from this, a remote CRM allows you to manage your team and engage with their customers in a matter of a few clicks.

Key Benefits of Zoho CRM:

  • Seamless team collaboration
  • Mobile workforce
  • Data-oriented business culture
  • Increased Automation
  • Cost-effective
  • End-to-end customer Engagement
  • SLA compliance
  • Super-easy Sales Process

You can discover the pricing option of this software and get started with your Customer Relationship Management Program.


Salesforce is believed to be the most renowned cloud-based CRM software provider in the global market. This tool is designed for sales, service, and marketing purposes. You don’t need any technical expertise to set up and manage the software. It can help your business to connect with potential customers by creating strong and lasting relationships.

It comes with great features that make it easy for you to manage customer relations. It allows you to view the activity timeline of your existing customers.

The software simplifies your business processes and sales management with forecasting and productivity tracking. You can manage quotes of your products, track the goods, and provide free quotes in a few clicks.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Use Software
  • Customization options
  • Connect Sales
  • Build a strong customer base

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Pipeline Deals

If you are looking for a simple, effective and affordable CRM software system for your business, look no further than Pipeline Deals. It offers excellent features to offer a robust lead management system, customer management solution and also helps you integrate into Google apps.

There is also a two-way sync feature that lets you sync Google Maps and Gmail with their CRM.

You can easily launch customer profiles, add notes, completely given tasks, and create events.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Organise Team
  • Track and manage your Sales
  • Increase your lead
  • Easy to Engage with customers
  • Create Customizable Reports
  • Sales Automation
  • Management of your emails


Whether you have a small-scale business or a large company, you need a good CRM software tool that offers great features and functionality. SugarCRM simplifies the way you connect with potential customers.

You can install the free, open-source Community edition that provides great dashboards and reporting tools. You can also use the paid versions that offer robust features that allow you to integrate MySQL, Oracle, and other important software for a backend database.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to Manage Customers
  • Sales Automation
  • Easy Customization
  • Multi-Device Support


Oncontact is a simple, fully-featured, and customized CRM software that enables companies to build and modify new workflow rules, manage existing customers and evolve sales with ease.

It comes with a toolkit that allows you to customize the dashboard with ease. In fact, a non-technical user can change it without a hint of stress.

Key Benefits

  • Effective Reporting
  • Simplified Collaboration
  • Improved messaging with automation


These are top five CRM software companies that will help you manage customer relationships for longer years.

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