These Are The Most In-Demand IDE For Mobile App Development

What is an IDE?

An IDE is a blend of every tool required to write and test software for mobile app development. Developers use a number of tools throughout the development cycle, which include code libraries, compilers, text editors, and test platforms. Now, if you have to select, deploy, integrate or manage the tools separately, it would be time-consuming, hectic, and sometimes frustrating. 

This is where IDEs come into play; these IDEs bring in a lot of mobile app development tools in a single application, framework, or service. Hence, this makes the coding and error removals extremely simple. 

  • Android IDE

This IDE has been built with a focus on speeding up the mobile app development process to enable the creation of high-quality Android applications for all Android devices. The best and most appreciated features include faster coding and iteration. With IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio allows injecting code and changing resources to the application without having to restart the same. 

The intelligent code editor lets you select from a dropdown list. And lastly, the Android emulator can install and start the application faster. This allows the developers to prototype and test applications on every android device. Furthermore, Android Studio provides code templates and sample applications for better and quicker development. 

Additionally, Android provides impressive testing tools and frameworks for a better development process. Moreover, Android Studio offers to build automation, customisable build configurations and dependency management. Also, there is also a drag-and-drop visual editor provided by Android Studio offering Vector Asset Studio, an APK analyser and a translations editor. 

  • Xcode

Xcode is the best IDE for iOS, and it is apple’s very own IDE. It is used to build applications for Apple products such as Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Mac. This tool powers up the entire mobile app development workflow from the beginning to the end, which includes phases such as app designing, development, testing and deployment to the App Store. 

Furthermore, Xcode has an interface builder that is integrated to create interfaces for iOS. OS X apps or watchOS. An integrated debugger is a very important component in every IDE for a smooth simulator and debugger. Other beneficial aspects of the development include auto-save and control management, integrated documentation, and further app distribution to tests and the app store. 

  • Visual Studio

Introduced by Microsoft, Visual Studio use Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows API, Windows API and Microsoft Silverlight. Moving further, alongside Visual studio, IntelliSense provides intelligent completion based on function definitions, imported modules, and variable types. 

Here, it is possible for the developers to debug with breakpoints and inject code into a running application. 

Furthermore, additional features can be installed, including new themes, languages, debuggers, and more. It also allows one to deploy the site built with different programming languages from within the code. 

  • QT IDE

This is also one of the best IDEs for cross-platform mobile app development, considering its high accessibility and usability. Also, it can be confirmed as a Java IDE, being rooted in Java and helping the developers scale their code. The developers can build applications for desktop, mobile, and web applications in this environment. 

Having the simplest interface diminishes the learning curve and makes sure that the development is quick. Also, the tool includes debugging environment, GUI visual layout editor, and simple interface design. 

With a simplicity-focused build, it gets very easy to level up the application and uncover new features and functionality requirements. The environment also enables the testing, development as well as deployment of applications. 

  • IntelliJ

Developed by JetBrains, IntelliJ IDE is written in Java. Specifically made for JAVA, this also supports a number of other popular languages. This mainly provides assistance with the productivity factors of a developer in mind. With intuitive design and coding assistance, development with IntelliJ can be excellent. 

The various different services offered by IntelliJ include deep intelligence through which developers can receive relevant code suggestions, runtime code analysis, code completion and refracting tools. The tool is already integrated without the requirement to add plugins. Furthermore, with IntelliJ, it made sure that the developer’s flow can not be interrupted and it follows the context to relevant tools automatically. Since the IDE can predict the requirements and automate the time-consuming and routine tasks, the overall productivity and focus of the developer increases. IntelliJ supports React Native, Ionic, Cordova, and Android. 

  • Xamarin

Xamarin for cross-platform development is an open-source and free platform. This app development platform is for iOS as well as Android with C# and . NET. With Xamarin, it gets very easy to share codes on different platforms. It lets the developers integrate Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS. The ecosystem is huge, with amazing developers building top-quality libraries for usage, such as NuGet libraries, including Reactive extensions, SQLite, Polly, and more. 


Other than these tools, project requirements, timelines and budget are some other factors that should be taken into consideration to understand precisely which tool would be the best for your application. 

Moreover, open-source mobile application development tools are an important part of the development process. Other than speeding up the process, it can reduce a lot of effort on the developer’s part with other wonderful plugins. 

Considering that not every tool can be a fit for every development process. Therefore it becomes important for the developers to choose wisely, taking into account every other factor involved prior to making the decision. 

Author Bio:

A Raza Noorani is the CEO of Impero IT Services, a top-notch mobile app development company offering a wide range of services to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups make their app development idea a reality. Raza likes to write an article on different aspects of app development in his spare time.

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