How to Prepare your Apps for iOS 14 Updates?

iOS 14 was launched in 2020 with a huge number of updates and a progression of weighty declarations. Predictably, Apple accompanies a large number of industry updates OS additions contrived to make app encounters vivid, secure, and simple. However, this time around, Apple has taken it up a score with changes that would influence how sponsors target audience.

The main motivation to update is to guarantee your app functions as your customer anticipates that it should and to avoid any major outages or failures. Besides new features, there are numerous things to pay special mind to when updating your app, including similarity, testing, and required updates.

The new features of iOS 14 are:

Adding App Clips To Show Off Your App’s Purpose 

App clips give clients some use of your app without downloading the whole app.  They are discoverable as required and launch quickly.  App cuts are discoverable from places like Safari, Maps, and Messages.  You can likewise discover them through QR codes and NFC tags.  You may need customers to introduce your whole app, in any case, and with app clips, clients can!  They give freedom to clients to download the full app from the App Store.

Widgets Give User’s Quick Info

Comparable to app clips, gadgets give customers speedy admittance to convenient data directly on the home screen.  iOS 14 gives an upgraded device experience.  Widgets can be introduced in numerous customizations and sizes.  They additionally take into consideration intuitive features and can refresh the content on proper occasions.

PIP mode

PIP mode is at long last going to the iPhone with the iOS 14 renditions. When settling on a FaceTime decision or watching a video, you can undoubtedly swipe back to the home screen while the video or call screen will keep on showing up on the screen.

Substantial privacy changes

Apple has consistently kept an advantage in Android vs iOS security and with iOS 14, the list of security features has been extended.

Customers can give the apps details of their surmised area rather than a definite area. Also, when an application requests photographs, you can choose to share explicit photographs rather than the total library.

Taking security up a score, the iOS 14 updates will show a green spot in the status when an app is getting to your camera and a golden dab when an app is getting to your receiver.

What To Consider When Updating Your App to iOS 14 

Updating Your App to iOS 14

Try to peruse this part and follow it all together when updating your app, for iOS 14 as well as any new forms as they release.  Taking into account the time important to test and check similarity will help guarantee productive future updates and keep customers cheerful and certain that their application will fill in true to form.

Checking Compatibility

The first thing to take into account when updating your application for iOS 14 is compatibility.  iOS 14 is relied upon to work with every single smartphone and iPads that as of now runs iOS 13.  Their several devices, in any case, will not make the cut.  The iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2 won’t be viable with the new operating system.  Since these devices hold a critical portion of the worldwide market, you’ll need to ensure that any new features in your application will work with iOS 13.  A complete turn of events and QA testing will be crucial.

Testing Your App

Referenced above, testing will be of the most extreme significance while preparing your application for iOS 14.  With your app.  Always search for potential regression defects and with appropriation paces of new iOS delivers so high, it is ideal to begin sooner as opposed to later! Testing groups should anticipate maintenance examining and making redresses when they start working with iOS 14 to guarantee constant strength.

Privacy Information Keeping User’s Info Private

Apple has truly ventured up security assurance for their users.  With new protection data in the App Store, customers have more simplicity and power over close-to-home info.  Your app will be needed to ask clients for authorization to track them across apps and websites claimed by other companies.  Later in the year, the App Store will assist clients with understanding applications’ security rehearses, and you’ll have to enter your protection practice details into App Store Connect to show on your App Store product page.

Transitioning To Apple Silicon

By the end of the year, developers will actually want to buy new machines with Apple’s new processor, Apple Silicon.  This begins a two-year transition period.  This progress will present a typical design across all Apple items, which will make it simpler for developers to compose and upgrade applications for the whole ecosystem.  Don’t worry, however, if you need to stand by some time prior to purchasing a new Macbook, as Apple says they will keep on supporting new forms of macOS for Intel-based Macs for quite a long time to come.

Dark Mode for night users

Night Mode can be exceptionally simple to execute and truly brings a framework wide appearance that can truly fulfill numerous customers late at night!  It additionally allows you to refine resources by eliminating copy tones as you make new ones that react to the framework interface mode.  The most straightforward approach to get dull mode into your application is to place your tones in a resource catalog.  Then basically reference them.

Custom and Simplified Accessibility

The Custom Content API can be utilized for conveying data from complex informational collections to clients in estimated portions.  It’s dynamic and fairly easy to carry out as well.  Using this API permits you to use assistive innovations to introduce just the available content your clients need and when they need it.  The custom content supplier makes the client experience content that’s more proper for an assistive innovation.

Scene Delegate

Scene Delegate happened in iOS 13 and carried with it support for multi-windowed apps.  If your application can profit from this, you should consider carrying out scene delegate.  It’s presently the default on new apps and takes into account numerous occasions of your app.  It likewise removes a few duties of the application delegate, assisting with making for cleaner code.

How To Start Preparing Your App for iOS 14

Start early and regularly testing your application to perceive what, regardless, should be refreshed or re-worked for variation with iOS 14.  The best recommendation is to grab the iOS 14 beta and run your app with it and contrast differences and what you at present have.  Even better if you can consolidate a portion of the new features of iOS 14 that your clients could truly appreciate!


Apple update iOS 14 has come up with various improvements & attractive features that make users super engaged with their iPhones. The new & smart features that iOS 14 comes up with, require mobile app development companies to make their iOS app development by keeping up the new features of iOS 14 in mind. The above mentioned are the tips and methods that make your next app fully prepared for your next iOS updates.

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