Debate: Yii Framework vs Laravel

Few years ago, some of the enterprises were working with different medium and big projects – for example, you were working a Real Estate Portal. It was probably going to be a high-load website application, and you needed to seek some of the best as well as high-performance frameworks for your app. At that time, you did not have that much experience as per your need. You have no prior experience, because you mostly worked with CMS i.e. Content Management System, while working, you sometimes thought that CMS was not a good fit for that specific project, as you were planning to utilize many different non-standard components. However, you never liked working with CMS or Content Management System; because you come to know, it was difficult to manipulate their source code. Finally, you have decided to go for a small analysis and that with the help of Internet. You did and suddenly you have come to know many comparative posts as well as reviews about the cutting-edge solutions, better to say frameworks of that time. When you choose Yii, the decisive factors were no doubt perfect documentation, a load of highly dedicated forum that discussed the popularity and low entry hindrance.

You can call up that you did not have that many issues, and you could “Google” a solution for almost all types of issues you face. Beyond doubt, your code was not that much perfect and you implemented many different things improperly and roughly, but it had stemmed from the fact that you could have lacked experience with the frameworks in general. You could simple not have enough knowledge of more elegant as well as right implementation.

Now, after a couple of years, you have decided to try out a framework, which is popular these days – Laravel. Here, we will tell you the right ways and something that are not comfortable to work with, but in the time it comes to deal with something new or advanced – it is though a common issue. However, the Laravel, unlike the Yii, is rich in abstracts and so executed the methods were not easy to find out. You can think at first that Laravel is akin to Yii in terms of utility and usage, but application methods differ and it takes time to get comfortable. You certainly know that something is more and more convenient, something – on the contrary that provokes the wrath as well as fury.

Now, let us get to our comparison between Yii framework and Laravel.

Yii Framework

We will talk to you about Yii framework now. However, the first impression is surely influenced by the description on the official website. Let us look at what these types of frameworks have to give you or offer you. Yii is no other than a high-performance framework, better to say a PHP framework, which is beyond doubt prominent for the sake of swift development of contemporary website applications. The possibilities of using Yii framework are many no doubt and allows you implement the large scale projects, like forums, portals, content management system, restful website services and much, much more. Let us discuss more in depth point-to-point.

  • As the majority of frameworks, Yii is particularly based on MVC, which is called Model View Controller pattern. The core of Yii is generally simple as well as elegant code.
  • Yii is nothing but a full-stack framework, which provides multiple turnkey solutions; a strictly query builder, an active recorder for the purpose of relative as well as NoSQL database, the multi-level caching support with many different things.
  • Yii is no other than a scalable one. You can easily and modify as quickly as possible or redefine any of its pieces of source code. You can also build your own extensions as per the need.
  • The main purpose of using Yii is to implement advanced as well as high performance application.

Laravel Framework

Now we will talk about Laravel. Hope you have come to know about it. Laravel is nothing but a framework, which is designed for the sake of building web applications with the exquisite as well as sophisticated system. It helps not only to deal with different types of sore spots, authentication, routing, sessions but also helps you go beyond the catch. Laravel is a framework designed to build robust web app with exquisite as well as sophisticated system. Laravel was and is still great and conceived to embody the best of best of all types PHP application, and other frameworks at the same time, like ASP.NET MVC, Sinatra and more. It is accessible, even powerful web application. It comes with many different out of the ordinary tools creating large and dependable applications.

  • It is excellent in inversion of control
  • It is convenient for migration system and for module testing

Last, but certainly not the least, both the frameworks have its own pros and cons, and have broad range of possibilities applied in a different way. Unless you try, you will not understand which one is good and work better for your business.

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Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Yii Development, Digital Marketing Services, WordPress Development and Magento development Services.

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