Boost Your SERP Ranking with These Effective SEO Tools

One of the hardest elements of running a website is making your website SEO effective. The reason being Google algorithms constantly changes the way it ranks websites. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to update yourself with the latest SEO developments. Like almost everything in this world, this problem can be solved with technology. Fortunately, in website SEO, there are plenty of tools to help you rank better in SERP.

All you need to do is find the right SEO tool for the right job or seek SEO services. This post will discuss some of these plugins and what they are all about.

1. Google Search Console

This is an array of different tools to help web owners figure out how the search engine views your website. The tools allow you to observe and rectify different aspects of your SEO. With Google Search Console you can check out any crawling errors occurring on your site and rectify them immediately. You can also know when and how the malware started attacking your website, the keywords used to find your site, acquired backlinks and so much more. It has so many features that I cannot mention them all. You will get a clear understanding of how Google ranks your website. Since Google is the king of search engines, if you rank well, chances are that you will also rank well in other search engines. Google Search Console is also very easy to add on your website so there is no excuse why you should not use it. Its simplicity makes it very easy to understand and use.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool kit search bar. It is a keyword research tool that allows you to get important information about the visitor’s most used search terms. Besides that, you will also be provided with information about similar keywords, related ads, product listings, and more. To help you get ahead, SEMRush will give you insights into your competitor’s strategy and how you can counter it. The insights include information about the traffic they are getting, how much of that comes from paid ads, and their backlinks. It reduces you’re your SEO efforts by giving you suggestions of keywords that will give you the best results for your efforts, and also check which terms are giving your competition that edge. SEMRush goes ahead and allows you to spy on your competitor’s text and media ads. When it comes to testing, this will save you a lot of time. However, all these data make the learning curve steep and it will take you some time to get used to it.

3. BuzzStream


This is also a collection of tools that helps webmasters with email marketing, domain research, and project management. It’s an all-in-one tool that can be overwhelming with the number of options it provides. On research, BuzzStream helps you collect lists of results for the keywords you are looking into. You will get information about each of these websites, which includes related social media accounts, overall rankings, domain age and authority, and much more. All this makes it easier for you to do a thorough SEO research audit. You will also know who your competitors are and the type of content they are publishing. Additionally, to keep a closer eye on your competitors, it allows you to create lists of their authors and their activities.

4. Moz Pro

This array of SEO tools is designed to cater to every aspect of your SEO using a data-oriented approach. This tool is similar to SEMrush, allowing you to research both specific long-tail keywords and other domains. This allows you to drop non-performing keywords and focus on those keywords that have potential. Moz Pro allows you to view the difficulty score. This gives you insights into how challenging it will likely be to rank for that term. The tool also gives you an overview of the number of visitors using certain search terms. You can go ahead and create lists of keywords for comparison. Although these are common features found in an average keyword research tool, Moz Pro beats them all with its intuitive interface. Another thing that makes Moz Pro unique is its Chrome extension getting information on any visited domain. Besides this, you will also get suggestions regarding on-page optimization and you will get notified when there is a crawling error, just like Google Search Console.

5. Linkody


This nifty SEO tool is perfect if you want to build your backlinks. Linkody allows you to find out who is linking to your site, and the keywords used, and you can disavow links you don’t like. You can disavow links if you believe that the linking website is spam which is not proper for search engines. Besides backlinks, Linkody also offers other notable functionalities. These include an option to generate reports that you want to send to your clients and help you to monitor your site’s social shares. You can easily connect to Google Analytics. It’s a diverse SEO tool that majors in backlinks. What makes Linkody better is cheaper than the other tools mentioned here.

6. Ontolo

If you are looking for a nifty tool to help you find marketing and SEO opportunities, then what you need is Ontolo. The tool helps you to find guest posting opportunities and build backlinks. This is expected from any other automated tool. Its approach is a bit different where it offers you more ways to increase your web traffic besides keyword research. Although backlinks make your site authoritative, generating them is no easy task. This nifty tool helps you to locate these opportunities so that you can only pitch them. Unfortunately, this can be automated. Prospects are pulled from over 80 sources making your chances high of finding excellent options regardless of your targeted keywords.

7. HubSpot’s Website Grader

Among the featured tools, HubSpot’s Website Grader is the most straightforward SEO tool is a lot more straightforward than the other tools. You only need to enter a domain and wait for HubSpot to generate a report. The results released by this tool will give you separate scores for mobile-friendliness, site performance, SEO, and security. The reason for these results is that your site speed and mobile-friendliness contribute a lot to your SEO. What makes this tool is the way it breaks down each part of the report providing improvement tips on your SEO. All these features are freely available and that’s a plus to it.

Final Thoughts

Your site SEO is vital if you want to be discovered and spread your wings to the rest of the world through your website. It is not enough to create a website and expect visitors to flock in like a swarm of bees. You need to put some work into it. Fortunately, these tools are here to help you with your SEO. With all their features you’ll surely succeed in your business.

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