7 Most Popular Web Development Framework For 2022

Website development frameworks play an important role in developing a website, or a web-based application. The framework’s main job is to fulfill the complexity of web technologies under one roof.

If you think that making a website is a simple task that requires no time and amount, then you are wrong. Inventing something based on technology takes time and need money to invest.

Nowadays, website development doesn’t need a heavy amount of money and all thanks are to the web development framework, with whose sensible approach, you can make interactive and rich-in-feature websites and web applications.

Either it is a website or a web app, both have a backend and a frontend, i.e., server-side and client-side respectively. And to create both of these sides, we need their respective frameworks for the development.

Backend and frontend development frameworks are miles apart; hence, it is important to use both of them while working in the web development field.

In the web development market, there are tons of tons of frameworks to create and publish a website. Every website development framework has its own pros and cons upon usage; thus, choose the one wisely!

To help you choose the framework of web development, I am writing this article in which I have described the 7 most popular web development frameworks that are ruling 2022.

There are many communities related to website and web app development. Many developers are members of different communities. Stack Overflow is one such community that has analyzed and ranked many popular web technologies, web frameworks, tools and libraries, databases, platforms, etc.

Taking references from such communities, here we have a list of a few best web development frameworks that currently are in demand for 2022!

Why Choose A Right Framework for Web Development?

Actually, this is an irresponsible question!

We all know that we want our website to perform well. For this, we need to make use of all sophisticated technologies. That is why choosing the best web application development framework is necessary.

There are many dedicated developers who are able to use all kinds of frameworks, website builders, CMSs, and other web development technologies. But, I personally feel that you are not required to know all the technologies and web development frameworks.

Using these frameworks is a very sensible approach to create rich and interactive websites.

Therefore, choosing the best web application development framework is necessary!

There are many frameworks available for the option of web development options. Each has its own peculiarities, advantages, disadvantages, strongness, robustness in the market.

Hence, to accelerate the website business speed process, the correct choice of a web app development framework is a must. A good choice can give you extra time, money, and life in project development.

If you don’t want to choose the below-mentioned or listed popular web development framework, then I can offer you another kind of framework.

The PHP frameworks have gained their popularity in the development of a website and web-based application within the web development industry due to flexibility, scalability, ease-of-use, efficiency, and many more.

Previously, a developer uses to write lines of custom codes time and again. But PHP made it simple because you can use the same piece of code again in some other website development project.

This is why the PHP frameworks came into the picture!

Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Codeigniter, and Cake PHP are some of the best PHP web development frameworks that are in action and developing the websites actively.”

Let’s see the top 7 most popular web development frameworks for 2022!

Django – A Python Framework

Django web development framework helps in making quality websites and web-based applications. Most website developers use Django to develop high-performing APIs and web applications.

Since Django is a free and open-source framework, it supports the rapid and agile backend development of an application by writing minimum codes.

According to Django users, it is a fast, versatile, secure, and scalable web development language. Also, it is Python’s one of the oldest frameworks which have been used in tens of thousands of projects.

For many website developers, it is a top pick because it is constantly improving itself and has become one of the most widely used programming languages in the world.

Right from small applications to large applications, the Django framework fulfills everything. Hence, it is a good option to start with these full-stack development frameworks.

Spring – Java Framework

Spring is the most popular Java application development program that helps in making large-scale Java-based enterprise software and web applications. This Java framework is a backend web development framework that writes web applications.

Most website developers and web-based app programmers use this spring framework to create high-performance, scalable, flexible web apps. Moreover, the framework also creates simple and fast java applications that can be ported in any device but based upon the configurations.

Therefore, if you are a beginner in the Java language, then learning Spring can become very fruitful for your career. It is not only powerful, but it eases the whole process of locating and then adding dependencies for a particular website development project.

Laravel – PHP Framework

The Laravel web development framework was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It follows the MVC architectural-based pattern and fastly builds web applications. Laravel framework can be considered as the fully-featured and the most functional web development framework.

Lumen framework is the best form of the Laravel framework. However, Lumen Larvavel is mainly preferred by the coders and is often considered as more efficient in comparison to the Laravel framework.

Rails Framework

Do you know about Ruby on Rails? ROR is the most efficient and effective web development framework that was developed by David Heinemeier Hansson. Rails framework is a free, open-source MVC-based web application development framework that makes it possible for developers to write user-friendly programs.

Not only this, but the Rail framework helps in providing pre-defined solutions that are able to perform repetitive tasks. The framework is Rails and the language on which it is written in Ruby.

This Ruby language in the ROR helps in making some of the world’s big applications like Github, Zendesk, and Shopify.

React JS Framework

React JavaScript basically is not a web development framework but is simply a frontend JavaScript library. Since it is technically a library, that doesn’t mean that I should not put this on the list of Popular Web Development Framework For 2022.

Many developers and programmers consider React as a framework!

ReactJS follows a component-based architecture development framework that helps the developers in making a quick interface and straightforward program in an application.

Another reason for the popularity of the React development framework is Facebook and Instagram. Both of these social media platforms use React JS frameworks and their apps use the React Native framework.

Angular JS Framework

Angular is also a popular web development framework and Google uses it to its benefit. Angular web application development framework is capable of building powerful web applications, that showcase high-performances, and greater flexibility.

You can also use Angular JS to maintain large scale-based applications and can create good web apps, extensions on this framework.

The latest version of the Angular framework is Angular 7.1.5.

Express Framework

The express framework provides developers a minimal and flexible free, open-source application framework. It is top on Node JS and is widely used by developers all over the world.

Moreover, it is efficient and helpful in making effective APIs through the use of software bundles. Therefore, the Express framework is completely based on JS – JavaScript language.

Like these frameworks, there are many other website builders, CMSs (Content Management Systems), etc. that help in developing websites.

We hope that in the coming years, we will see more advanced, tech-rich, powerfully featured, and potential web application development frameworks for website development.

So, you can always rely upon us when it comes to choosing a technology for your IT project development!

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