7 Most Popular Android Arcade Games in Upcoming Years

Android Arcade GamesVideo Games have pretty much taken much of our lives. And these mobile arcade games are a rage among the video gamers. The popularity of these mobile arcades has been rising every year coming. This is also because a lot of people are now interested in making good android phones. They are handing out some of the best free android games to their customers.

These arcade games are so in trends because they are a variety of them over there. In the Google Play Store, if you type best casual android games, you will have a list of them. All of them are either free, or a few might be paid. Either way, there are a variety of games that people can get to choose from. They all are very entertaining, which is why a lot of developers are trying to turn this entertainment a good source of revenue.

Here are some of the best arcade games in 2019 you can play and we guarantee you that they are going to the most popular games in the upcoming years too.

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games. It is a free arcade game where there is a multiplayer shooter. This game is all about having different multiplayer modes which help you win the game. Free-For-All, Hardpoint, Domination, Frontline, and Team Deathmatch are some of the multiplayer modes you can choose to play in this game.

While playing this game, you can choose different maps where you can also play on a battle royal mode where you can play with almost 100 players per match. This Call of Duty: Mobile beta version is already available in India and other few countries; thus this is one of the best games you can wait for.

  1. Bad North

Bad North is another top-rated android game which is a real-time strategy game. It has one of the best graphics having followed the minimalist techniques. The game is all about a prince who has to fight against the Vikings who invaded the prince island. You take on the role of the prince who has to fight against the Vikings with the resources and army you have.

With proper positioning of your army, you can win against the mighty Vikings. After you are done with winning a game, you get on a new island with entirely different layout and tactics. This game is coming very soon, and you can be notified of the game early.

  1. Level head

This is a cross-platform game which can blow everyone’s mind. This game works on PC and iOS and just the reverse too. This is one of the best arcade games for Android and is a multi-player arcade game. Four people can play each level at one chance, and you can create your standards in this game. It is one of those platform games where you can build your levels and use different elements like enemies, hazards, secrets, and many others. It is also releasing in other gaming platforms like PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. You can also play this game as a single player.

  1. Impossible bottles

Impossible bottles are a top-rated android arcade game. It is also known as a rhythm game where you reprise the role of a genius who aims to provide unaccountable amounts of energy to every electrical thing in the world ranging from tiny robots to the massive golems.

So while you are pursuing your aim, you need to give the power to the robots in sync with the music. You need to be careful where you don’t even make a small mistake with the musical rhythm. Otherwise, this can cause the whole world blackout, and also they destroy the robots.

The game has straightforward controls like ten robots, single tap plays and also some EDM music that goes with the game vibe. It is a great game that is coming up, and you can expect it somewhere in the latter end of 2019.

  1. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

This is one of the best android games of all time. It is a mobile arcade racing game which is based on classic kart racing series. You have some of the most accessible controls, and it has around 30 characters, ten gliders, 20 karts to choose from. There are approximately 16 cups up for competition where you can play about four races.

In addition to that, whenever you compete for a race, you are awarded grand stars. You can avail gifts to go up the ranks or get access to the best drivers, karts or gliders. This can be availed when you have collected enough grand stars through your game. This fame is supposed to release this summer, which means it can come in July-September time.

  1. Minecraft Earth

One of the most popular android arcade game, this game is an arcade game which is wholly based on Augmented Reality. It works on Android devices as well as the iOS devices. This game is all about the users who can build different structures partnering with other users where you can gear up with some mini-adventures. You can raise these structures to life-size.

It is one of the pet projects of Microsoft where the players can work on different mob variants that are used to fill up their structures. It is a free game, but you can also purchase a few game essentials while playing the game. You can sign up for the beta version that is already available.

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

One of the top-rated android arcade games in the whole of racer franchiser history, this game is a complete delight to play on mobile. Based on the glimpses offered, this game has promising graphics. A right amount of story missions is present where you can unlock different cars and also become one of the first arcade car racers. This game is highly addictive game due to its story or the features.  It is, and you can access this game through Game Loft too while accessing the multiplayer option.

Final Words

Thus these are our top 7 picks as the upcoming arcade games. Many other games on Android can kill it with the way they have been designed. You can watch out for the games’ releases on the Google Play store app.

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