5 Tips to Get Started with Your Web Design Startup

Web Design Startup

Starting with a web design startup?


Don’t worry, it isn’t that scary as you think.

You can make your mark in your field even if you’ve just made your kick start.

Though experience always comes with extra perks. But to succeed in a certain industry, rules are the same no matter what experience you have.

But how?

Well, here I have summed up 5 tips that can make your job a hell lot easier.

1. Create A Portfolio First

It is quite an important thing to have a portfolio when you launch your web design startup.

You’ll find numerous people complaining about feeling clueless about their first project. And this occurrence ends up turning their dream startup into a nightmare.

But here’s the real thing:

There are numerous paths that you can follow to entice your potential buyers and turn them into fruitful leads if you know what you are going to deal with. Just try to keep your startup aligned with your vision and targets.

There is no age eligibility for kick-starting a new venture. So, just try to get in touch with your clients first. And this is what most of the successful startupreneurs have been doing since ever. And the most interesting part is, most of them didn’t even have any sort of prior knowledge.

So, if such people can make their mark with such a simple strategy, you definitely can.

All you require doing is,

Convincing your first client is always a tough call. But when you finally make someone walk along, the stone starts rolling.

So, my suggestion is, to forget about your money and try to garner as many clients as possible. Try to make an offer that they find beneficial. And this will provoke emotions among you and your client.

And as a result, you’ll get a good number of referrals from them which will definitely boost your startup and will help you take away the best ROI.

This is the elementary formula that successful startups have been following ever.

2. Branding Is a Must

Try to create a brand name for your business. It will help your clients recognize you just at a glance.

Make your clients recognize you just by your brand name. and for that, you need to get a distinguishable label for your web design brand.

So, how to start building a brand image for your startup?

If you want to go with the branding perspective, then I would suggest you go with your own name. In this way, you can get a lot of projects as a freelancing agency.

But if you want to make it stand up on the same podium as other companies then I would recommend you to name your brand anything that attracts your potential buyers.

But always try to keep Search Engine Optimization in mind while naming your company. It would definitely add extra value to it.

Also, what you can do is, stick your brand’s name to the footer of your website. Don’t just add any links to it. Now, as footer links are pretty important for SEO when compared to referrals, they stand nowhere around.

Now, if you successfully design a fantastic website for your clients, then you’ll surely get a good number of referrals just from the footer text of your company website. Footers work great for web design agencies, try to make good use of them.

3. Let Out Free Designs

Let Out Free Designs

People fall in love with anything that they get for free.

Psychology says, if you just provide small things just for free as an added perk, it will skyrocket your ROI. So, why can you opt for providing something for free just as an added perk to grasp the attention of your potential customers?

The reason is quite clear. We refuse to let out something for free which had cost us a lot of money and effort.

So, when you are in this industry, try to target industry leaders with your business strategies. Like I already said, never bother about money, think of it as the first stepping stone for your business.

Now, why did I suggest you go with big names?

Let me tell you.

Big brands have several types of job under their belt. All you need to do is approach them in a proper manner. If you become successful in cracking even the smallest deal, that big name will get into your client’s list. And this will help you in creating your brand name like nothing else.

4. Build A Strong Network and Befriend Your Competitors

No matter how successful you become working in your industry if you stop networking, then that will be the worst decision of your entire lifetime.

Building connections with other people who think just like you help your business grow in numerous ways. And, TBH, this is considered the best business strategy for infant startups.

Try networking among people who belong to the same domain, share business ideas among yourselves, try to understand the loopholes, and learn their growth hacking tactics. If you can do all of this in the right way, no one can stop you from succeeding.

Also, you need to work on your mindset as well. Keep in mind to keep your folks close and competitors even closer. Try to learn from their mistakes. Go through their way of working and try to implement them in your own business.

Other than that, you can simply connect with your competitors and ask them for clients who wish to design their websites. you might end up getting surprised by the results.

5. Seek A Reseller Hosting

Seeking passive ways to earn money is something that can help startup reach their targeted revenue with just no hassle.

And reseller hosting is a pretty good thing when it is to web designing companies. While working for a client on his project, if the person wishes to avail a host for his website, do opt for it.

There are businesses that have missed a lot of scopes of increasing their revenue just by lending their website as a host. Not providing a hosting site is definitely very stupid.

Now what you can do is, buy reseller hosting from a hosting provider if it makes you able to handle all sorts of websites that you have created, then that’s a very good thing on your behalf. You can also attach your footer link to it.


Beginning with just any startup is a tough job. But if you don’t know which ways to follow, then the 5 above points will save you from further broken business.

Tell us about your thoughts in the comment section. If you have any tips to share you can also add them in the comments below. And if you have any further queries, feel free to give us a call.

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